After Rashtrapati Bhavan, Mughal Gardens at Delhi University also renamed


By Muslim Mirror

The Mughal Garden on Delhi University’s North Campus has been renamed the Gautham Buddha Centenary Garden.


On January 27, the university changed the name, claiming that the garden did not have a Mughal design.

Earlier, on Saturday, Rashtrapati Bhawan changed the name of renowned Mughal Gardens to Amrit Udayan.

Under the condition of anonymity, a university representative said that the nearly simultaneous name changes were just a coincidence and that the choice was made only after extensive consultation with the garden committee.

According to Registrar Vikas Gupta’s declaration dated January 27, the University of Delhi’s responsible authority has given permission for a garden to be named Gautama Buddha Centenary Garden and to include a statue of Gautama Buddha in its centre (opposite Vice Regal Lodge). For almost 15 years, the statue of the Buddha has been in the centre of the garden.

According to the officials, neither the construction nor the design of this garden are indicative of Mughal architecture. Canals and ponds can be seen in any Mughal garden that uses Persian architectural style. Additionally, there are waterfalls and fountains. The drainage canals are additionally constructed from concrete or blue tiles.

The representative claimed that this had been noted by numerous experts. A flower show will be held at the institution in March, the official responded when questioned about the name change.



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