Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari calls Muslim youths to engage in ‘Love Jihad’ in response to forced conversion

Shahi Imam Ahmed Bukhari

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent,

New Delhi , 12 Dec 2014 : In an already communalized atmosphere in the country Ahmed Bukhari , the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid  Delhi has called Muslims to engage in Love Jihad in response to the forced conversions of 200 Muslims in Agra  by RSS  and its affiliated organizations.


Addressing thousands of people during his weekly Juma sermon Ahmad Bukhari has advised Muslim youths to ‘convert Hindu girls and marry them as it’s the best way and the only suitable response to the forced conversions of Muslims by RSS .

Shahi Imam further said that the Muslims will never accept the status  of a second class citizen in this country and will keep fighting for their rights, despite the thousands of riots, Muslims will never  forget  the  Gujarat riots of  2002 .

He further explained that Islam did not spread by sword or by force. Muslims do not believe in forcible conversion. He quoted the Qur’anic verse “la ikraha fid deen” which means “there can be no compulsion in religion.” Corroborating his points Bukhari said  “had the Muslim rulers forced Hindus to convert to Islam there won’t have been a single Hindu in India today”.



  1. Bukhara should and must step down as imam , Jumna sermon is not to show anything tit for tat. Instead we should encourage muslim try to follow sun nah and live with. I can guarantee any true practicing muslim will never go back to idol worshipping or caste system.
    Even if someone got lured by ration card promise will hesitate to worship idols.
    Let help these poors and show them proprietary guidance.

  2. Bhukhari Sahab I appreciate you as your version is not politically motivated, but it is for Muslims and Islam. Last occasion on your dictate to support Congress Govt. before Union election, i personally criticized you. I called upon my followers and friends not to vote Congress. That trend started before UP election and ends to Maharashtra.

    Secondly, i would like to request the Moulanas like you who have respect and prestige in the Muslim community what is the circumstances of Jihad, is Jihad is become an obligation in India after the worst situation now a days. If yes please give fatwa of Jihad against Indian terrorists Organizations.

    Zuber Ahmed Khan

    • stupid fool! Stop yourself from evil thoughts, evil actions and evil words! That is Jihad! Not following some stupid evil jokers like this shahi imam! wake up, read the quran, follow the word of god and god alone, not some evil politician like this joker!

      • Lets focus on litereacy and education, we use there potential in right direction. Our muslim youngster can produce best sportsmen, best designer, in textile, in jaari and kadai worker. These are are few feilds they are master and naturally gifted do not need education

  3. Seems imam bukhari has lost it. Highly irresponsible statement as well as un-islamic. He is creating lot of problems for muslims these days. Cant imagine an imam who should be guiding youths towards prophets (SAW) way of life asking them to do something that is haraam.

  4. Imam Bukhari is a liability on Indian Muslims which should be shed immediately. Not inviting modi was a personal opinion but this sort of illogical careless statement is unbearable. The community in particular & humanity in general should benefit from the efforts preachings & service. Is any Muslim benefitting from this obnoxious person. Has he even funded any primary girls school. He’s just an employee of wakf board committee of Jama Masjid but he runs it as a private property. He should be immediately sacked & shown the door. Its just the politicians of both Congress Sp & Bjp have used him for personal gains to paint entire community with black brush. Regarding conversion it was a propaganda which got busted all so called reconverted ppl have filed FIR & are openly practicing Islam more thoroughly. A true Muslim will never divert from the path of Islam no matter what & its been proved yet again. There’s no such thing like love jihad imam bukhari chanting it clearly shows he’s hand in glove with yogi adityanath & both belongs to same coin. Bukhari has no role to play among Indian Muslims he too realises this & just to remain in limelight comes up with such headline grabbing statement of which he’s a master. He’s more a politician than an Imaam coz an Imaam is apolitical guy more interested in spirituality & disinterested in worldly deeds. Its time to unmask this politician in disguise

  5. Instead of misguiding masses with his foolish ideas He should have told them to follow The Quran and Sunnah and be exemplary in dealing of day today life.Don’t trouble your neighbor.Don’t eat usury ( Sood, Al Riba )Muslims of present time are a disgrace in itself and I don’t think Allah needs such hypocrites.If only a single true believer is left to praise Allah and follows what He has ordained that is better than hypocrites.

  6. and now what? hindus will start targetting muslim girls as a tit for tat? and then muslims start targetting temples? and then hindus start targeting mosques? what do these idiots want…. a civil war? why dont someone pick up these stupid imams and air drop them in afghanistan or in iraq or syria to go and actually fight a war, instead of playing their politics over the lives of millions of poor, hard working individuals? keep off our lives and let us live a life of dignity and brotherhood with all citizens, what matter to us are jobs, a good life, and progress……. we have had enough of staying in the gutters under these fake leaders!

    • Good Said ! Whenever I see these articles 99% comments go on fighting BUT there’s always 1% like you who gives positive message to the religions of world. I totally agree with you and appreciate people who give signs of brotherhood. We are getting highly educated but it is useless unless we are educated by our minds & thoughts. Message to All :- Please do not disturb your minds, Always be helpful to others & respect all religions. There are better things in our lives to do instead of getting into such conversations.

  7. I doubt this man….
    He is going against islam and Quran….
    I can simply prove….
    muslims bhaiyo is self claimed bukhari ko utha k bahar kyu nhi fek dete….

  8. He is lying when he says Islam did not spread by word, there is documented history on Jaziya, brutal killing of sikhs for not converting. If such a liar is the priest then thy god does not represent good values.

  9. Talking about love is a really a wonderful thing but diluting it with “love Jihad” is a very shameful and irresponsible to the Shahi Imam. Bhukhari has a right to express his views but as a Shahi Imam he is misguidding young generation.

  10. People like Mr Bukhari do more damage to muslims than anyone else. The media of course has a vested interest in foisting such people on the muslim community. It helps reinforce muslim stereotypes. It is very clear that he neither represents Islam nor muslims. He should have been mothballed a long time ago.

  11. Knowing this reactionary cleric’s utterances in the past, one is not surprised by his latest call to the Muslim youth for “Love Jihad”. But what is gladdening is that a number of educated Muslims came out condemning this man’s Medieval mindset. Good Muslim Brothers , keep it up.

  12. what rights do they have in india.. whatever rights we may choose to give them is all they can claim.. otherwise their sole rights lie only in pakistan/bangladesh

  13. Already done enough by the Muslim guys on the name of ISLAM and love love jihad, spoiling life’s of Hindu girls and uploading their nude pics stirring up angers between the ppl, and now this imam bukhari like muslim leaders provoking not only muslim guys but also Hindu ppl to go violent against muslim. Few muslim brothers try to make positive circumstances btwn the ppl

  14. Imam is right in saying if the Moghal rulers had really forced Islam in India there would be very few Hindus. But he forgets the fact that the Arabs did absolutely force Islam after they took over IRAN and our Imam Bukhari is no different …. 🙂 His ancestry is undoubtedly our own

    • Produce your proof if you are truthful.
      And even if our ancestors were Hindus/idol worshippers, we are very fortunate that we are Muslims. Atleast the Arabs showed us the way that leads to TRUTH ‘n’ LIGHT. Coz we don’t wanna be a blind followers and follow the erroneous path of our foolish forefathers.

      “And when it is said to them, “Follow what Allah has revealed,” they say, “Rather, we will follow that which we found our fathers doing.” Even though their fathers understood nothing, nor were they guided?” [Qur’an 2:170]

      “When they are told, “Come to what Allah has revealed, come to the prophet” they say, “Whatever we found our forefathers doing is good enough for us.” Even though their forefathers knew nothing at all, nor were they guided?”[Qur’an 5:104]

      Islam is not a religion of following forefathers, but rather in submitting ones will to Allah and taking guidance from the clear teachings of the Holy Quran. Just because you found your fathers and forefathers following a certain way, does not make it right.And if you continue to tread on your forefathers’ path of error, you will face the chastisement of the hell fire. And you will accept your sin.Disbelievers in Hell as described in Qur’an:

      “….. Every time a company is thrown into it, its keepers ask them, “Did there not come to you a warner?” They will say,” Yes, a warner had come to us, but we denied and said, ‘ Allah has not sent down anything. You are not but in great error.’ “And they will say, “If only we had been listening or reasoning, we would not be among the companions of the Blaze.” And they will admit their sin…..” [67:8-11]

  15. why you call Hindu life have got spoiled by love jihad there is nothing called love jihad, Some power hungers say this and we start believing them as word of god, we people have lost our mind and started believing all rumors because some people behind the seen wanted to divide the people of this land as Hitler did with Jews for power, Every life in this country is very important despite differences among us so do not blame each other for problem that arises every day, if a Nirbaya is raped by some Hindu people is it far to say that Hindu rape jihad is taking place every were and if a thief is looted the bank whom are Hindus will we say that Hindu theft jihad is taking place in India and a murderer found as Hindu will we say Hindu murdering jihad taking place in India. stop acting like fools this is common problem in our country find ways to stop issue with certain common solution rather pointing fingers to a community I have seen many couples of same religion has got into divorced more in numbers than different religion believers marriage.

  16. love jihad is not the way to invite in islam. you should invite the non-muslims to give dawah, as you said quranic verse ‘la ikraha fid deen’. there is no compulsion in islam but you are duty is to tell about allah and his messenger (peace be upon him). if he accept ok or just leave in his path. if Allah give hidaya then only they will come to Islam.

  17. We ask all hindus to be prepared for a holy war to finish off muslims from india for alltimes.The war will be fought like Gujarat and muslims be allowed in india if they dont live with peace and tranquilty.If bukhari dare any love jihad he will also be prepared for all muslim girls married to hindu hind girls population is very low so the hindu boys needs muslim girls to marry.

    • Look who is talking.hahahahha!!!!! You want a Holy War??? Actually you don’t want to fight a war but you want to kill unarmed and peaceful Muslims. We want to live peacefully, it’s you guys who are disturbing the peace.Since 1947 you did 2500+ riots . And the Love Jihad was coined by saffron thugs like you. You want to create a division between Hindus and Muslims. You want to commit a genocide like your hindu brothers . You don’t have guts to fight a war. If we Muslims take up arms to protect our dignity and chastity of our womenfolks you will piss in your pants.Coz you are coward. Don’t provoke us or else History gonna be repeated by the 21st century Muslims.We will do it in Mahmud Ghazni and Aurangzeb fashion.We will wipe out saffrons and make it Green.We will either live with dignity or else die as a martyr.Get the message.


      So, Don’t dare to mess with us !!! LIVE AND LET LIVE.


      • In ancient times, it was incredibly easy for Muslim armies to invade Non-Muslim lands (India) and kill Hindu kaffirs. Muslims have killed 80 million Hindus over the last 800 years.

        In modern day times, it is extremely easy (using high-tech weaponry available to professional military forces and paramilitaries) to exterminate and kill the Muslim cockroaches until India becomes Muslim free.

        Out of the 10 most powerful countries (military wise and economy wise) by economic and military power, none of these 10 countries are Muslim countries.

        The Islamic world can easily be nuked, destroyed, and exterminated if Muslim cockroaches think they can kill, slaughter, and rape Non-Muslim infidels.

        As for India, there are around 50 million Muslim men above the age of 20. It is easy for the Hindu society to kill these 50 million Muslim men so as to exterminate Islam from India’s soil.

  18. Y buk hari ……………y Love Jihad………………Y want Hindu girls as muslim woman ……………. muslim woman dont have ability

  19. Mr.shaz dont u forget u muslim cowards what communists did to u in afganistan,they killed crores of muslims.Remember gujrat,remember bhagalpur riots enough to remind u who is stronger.

    • I am much aware what the Russians did to Afghanistan. I also remember how our strong Afghan brothers kick their butts. From Russia to america nobody ever rule the Afghans.It is the graveyard of world’s superpowers. Go and read the testimony of Former Soviet commander Genearl Victor Yermakov.You have shown how coward you are in our comment that you wanna repeat the genocide like your hindu brethren with the help of Police and paramillitary forces. You have no guts to face us. You cannot intimidate us by mentioning riots coz History tells us We are born fighters. Taighon Ke Saye Mein Hum Pal Kar Jawan Huwe Hain. We are brought up under the shades of sword Mister.Whom are you scaring???
      So better LIVE AND LET LIVE. OR else if you wanna go at war with us officially then this country will be the Second SYRIA. So think before you take the step.

      You Remember what Dr.Allama Iqbal has said??

      Batil Se Dabne Wale Aye Asman Nahin Hum,
      Sou Baar Kar Chuka Hai Tu Imtihan Humara,
      Tawheed Ki Amanat Seenon Mein Hai Humare,
      Asan Nahin Nitana Naam-o-Nishan Humara…

      You can never ever wipe us off!!!

  20. Afghanistan was brought to its knees by America in 2001,without any basic knowledge people comment,all this jingoistic talks are harming our Muslims community in India,be bothered about our nation, to HELL with the Arab world

  21. We’ve seen the muslim power in form of mahmood ghaznavi who had attacked at somnath temple for 17 times he had come india to rape rani padmawati.aurangzab is a well known personality who had killed his father,brothers and also sister recent example of great islam are ISIS,bokoharaam,jaish-e-muhammad,tahreeq-e-taliban,alkayda,lash-e-taiba,hamas and lots more
    Is this a way to spread the techings of islam.reports say more than 40 vountries are supporting isis although they r selling girls,raping lots of under aged tiny girls and you are claiming to be peace lover
    Worst community of the world is musalmaa n
    Why laws are totally against women and men has all the rights
    I am a hindu and i proud to be hindu we r idol worshippers actually u guys can never understand hinduism
    We always talk about religion but none of us know the meaning of it there is only one religion and that is humanity and nthng else
    I belong to sanatana dharm which means coming down to endless time
    Which is born will definitely die
    But which doest not have DOB how will it wipe out
    4 major ways to worship the god in world are christian,hinduism,islam and buddhism but most problematic way goes through islam
    muslims are born to terrify world in the names of god and sacrificing a dumb animal is tradition in them
    can god be happy by seeing the killing of innocent animals
    i think no and never


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