Aijaz Dar lynched to death by cow vigilantes in Jammu

Victim Aijaz Dar

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: 25-year-old Aijaz Dar, the sole breadwinner of his family, was murdered by cow vigilantes in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district on Monday night when he was returning home with a buffalo. Two others escaped the deadly attack.

Several local residents later staged a protest outside the office of Rajouri Deputy Commissioner, demanding arrest of the accused and invoking Public Safety Act on them. They said that Dar and two others were on their way home after purchasing a buffalo from Laam side near Nowshera, and when they reached an isolated place at Muradpur, near Rajouri town, the cow vigilantes attacked them with stones and sticks.


Later, the three men were shifted to the Government Medical College Hospital in Jammu, where Dar succumbed to injuries. The other two are undergoing treatment.

The police said they have identified four accused with the help of victims but they have not been able to arrest them as they are absconding.

Cases of anti-Muslim activities are growing across various corners of India. Several human rights organisations have raised concerns over the conditions of minorities in the country. The United States Commission for Religious Freedom has called on the US government to designate as a County of Particular Concern and impose sanctions on select individuals and entities.


  1. It’s high time our PM comes out with a statement denouncing such attacks and promising stringent punishment to the perpetrators who have scant respect for the law and filled with an intense hatred for Muslims.

  2. According to the lynchings reported till date , around 80% of them turned out to be fake. I am seriously doubting this too because of people of Jammu are the most peaceful and will never do this kind of heinous action . Rest is upto God. I seriously hope this turn out to be a fake news and if not law should take its course…


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