AIMPLB accepts Salman Nadvi’s ‘disassociation’

Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadwi

Hyderabad : The All Indian Muslim Personal Law Board on Sunday announced that Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadvi who had defied it on Babri Masjid issue is no longer its member.

On the third and final day of its 26th plenary, the AIMPB accepted Nadvi’s “disassociation” from the board.


The action against Nadvi, a member of the board’s executive committee, came on the proposal of a four-member committee. Board Secretary Zafaryab Jilani told reporters that the committee’s proposal was accepted unanimously at the general body meeting.

Nadvi, an eminent cleric, had triggered a row on the eve of the plenary by mooting a proposal after his meeting with Sri Sri Ravishankar that the disputed land in Ayodhya, where Babri Masjid stood till December 1992, may be handed over for construction of Ram temple.

Jilani, a member of Babri Masjid committee of the board, said Nadvi’s proposal was against the consistent stand of the board that the land of mosque can never be sold, gifted or exchanged and that the matter should be decided by the Supreme Court.

Nadvi had attended the executive committee meeting on Friday night and some members demanded action against him for speaking publicly against the board’s stand. Jilani said Nadvi was given an opportunity to clarify but he stood by his stand.

The next day he did not attend the plenary and in an interview, reiterated his proposal and made allegations against the board. He also announced that he will form a separate body.

Asked why no action was taken against Vice President Maulana Kalbe Sadiq for mooting a similar proposal last year, the board leaders said he had retracted his statement.

Jilani said the board had not authorized any of its members to meet Ravishankar or any other Hindu religious leader for talks on Ayodhya dispute. He said some members may have met them in their personal capacity. “I also met him (Ravishankar) in 2002 and asked him to send proposal for resolution of the issue to the board president and general secretary but he did not send any proposal,” he said.

Jilani said the board in its Lucknow meeting in April last year clearly stated that there is no possibility of any settlement through negotiations and the issue should be decided by the Supreme Court.

Jilani said Haji Mahboob, a petitioner in Ayodhya case met Ravishankar but he did not favour surrendering Babri Masjid land.

Executive committee member Kamal Faruqui denied that he met Ravishankar in Delhi last year.

Board secretary Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani said that all Islamic schools of thought are unanimous that the land on which a mosque is built can’t be given for temple or for any other purpose and that it remains mosque for eternity.

He said some people in Hanbali sect are of the opinion that if an area is deserted and ‘namaz’ is not being offered in a mosque, it will not remain a mosque. “There are 5,000 Muslims in Ayodhya and namaz was offered in Babri Masjid till the night when some people kept idols there,” he said.



  1. We all muslims are with the decisions of AIMPLB. We deplore and reject all dissenting voices. The hadis is that muslims should remain with the unanimous decisions of the Ulamas who have in depth knowledge of Islam.

    • Exactly…..a Shoura committee of a large number of experienced and sincere Islamic Scholars like AIMPLB carries tremendous weight with common Muslim Indian citizens—rather than a single or two scholars who are easily misled by Shaytaan due to greed of publicity (riyaakari) and monetary gain in crores.

      The court has to provide justice to the Muslim Indians in a case with live video footage of bringing down a historical monument of Babri musjid which is owned by Indian Muslims as a whole(waqf).

      The court cannot base unfair judgement on mythological fables and fabricated stories.

      Maybe the Muslims will after a fair verdict..– use this musjid land to build and run an Islamic-value Muslim Charitable Trust Hospital for downtrodden citizens of All communities—- Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian—-to be run by AIMPLB members with donation from Zakaat from all over India or from selling other vacant waqf properties. a great symbol for love and true message of Islam of humanitarian peace and harmony.

  2. But what wrong if Molana Salaman Hussaini Nadvi , who is also a learned scholar of Islam, have suggested some alternative in the benefit of muslim? Our Islam is not so rigid in differences of opinion & there is no point of sacking him from the committee. Even during our Rasool Allah(pbuh), such difference of opinion had happened but our prophet did not take action against those younge generations suggestions who said that we should encounter enemies.outside Madina. Fazal Karim. B. E (Civil Engineer )@7.22AM/12.2.2018/Patna /Bihar


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