Aligarh: Right wing goons organised bike rally in Muslim locality, chanted provocative slogans


By Khushboo Khan

Aligarh: ​Amid of the whole ruckus in Aligarh Muslim University, a new development has taken place in the city, according to the reports; today the BJP Lawmaker Satish Gautam addressed a large group of his supporters at Ramlila Maidan, Aligarh.

Later, the mob fragmented in small chunks and held a rally in the different parts of Aligarh and chanted the provocative slogans like  “Bharat Mein rehna Hoga Vande matram Kehna Hoga” and “Ek hi Naara Ek hi Naam Jai Shri Ram”.

In the wake of the controversy over a portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the  administration imposed  144  on Friday.

On the whole incidence SP City Aligarh, Atul Shrivastava admitted the report about provocative slogeneering  and said “the incidence took place on the roads, not in the Muslim dominated areas.

However, a video has gone viral on social media in which the people from RSS and other Hindu fundamentalist outfits rallied on bikes across the Muslim dominated locality and chanted the provocative slogans.

Earlier on Wedneday, a mob of Hindu Yuva Vahini and Akil Bhartiye Vidhyarthi Parishad barged into the campus of Aligarh Muslim University and burned the effigy as well chanted the slogans.

The whole incidence has taken place amidst the tension in Aligarh Muslim University, where the students are sitting on the strike followed the attack by Hindu Yuva Vahini goons the police force used the water cannons, tear shells as well as lathi-charged on the varsity students when they were marching towards the police station to register a complaint against the incident.


  1. Muslims are valnurable society in india.Any body can do anything on them.
    RSS even knows Muslims have nothing to do with Jinnah.
    Even I can claim 90 percent of Indian Muslim do not know who jinnah is.
    Jinnah is required for Hindu right-wings for their political gain like others ikons.
    India as a country needs to address the Valunarability of indian Muslims.

    • and u feel proud in saudi .. hindus r also venerable society in kashmir , whats ur take on the exodus ? .. why the idiot mughals even came to hindustan

  2. Dear Ankit ji,

    As indian Muslims are continuously suppressed in India in every front.does it make any sense for me to entertain your hindutwad comments.
    Please change your ideology u will get your answers by own.


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