All India Lawyers Council demands cancellation of Justice Murlidhar’s transfer

Justice Murlidhar.Image courtesy : Live Law

By Abu Zaim

New Delhi: All India Lawyers Council, a forum of the noted lawyers providing the legal help to needy sections of the society today expressed shocked over the arbitrary transfer of Justice S Murlidhar from Delhi High court.  The Council demanded that his transfer should be cancelled and he should be reinstated in the Delhi High court.


Passing a unanimous resolution at an emergency meeting held to discuss the transfer issue of Justice Murlidhar, the executive committee of the Council said it was shocking to learn that the collegiums of the Supreme Court of India had transferred him who isone of the finest judges.

The Council said “it considered the transfer of Justice Murlidhar as hasty step and   without any tenable grounds. Such transfers are not only detrimental to our noble institution of judiciary but also erode and shake the faith of people in justice system.”Justice Murlidhar was transferred the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

The Council extended its full support to the decision taken  by the Delhi High Court Bar Association to abstain from working in courts for a day in protest against the hasty transfer of the Justice Murlidhar.

The Council also urged the SC collegiums to follow a transparent and fair policy for transferring High Court Judges in case there is any such situation which might harm the credibility of the judiciary.Referring the case of  Gujarat High Court Justice Aqeel Qureshi, the newly formed Lawyers council  said it should not be seen that  transfer of judges  are being  be done under the pressure of political executive.

Justice Aqeel Qureshi was elevated and first appointed  made as the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court but he  was later sent to the Tripura High Court, much smaller court under the pressure of the political executive because during his tenure as  a judge in the Gujarat High court, Justice Qureshi had  upheld  many convictions involved in the  2002’s Gujarat honorific  anti- Muslim riots.


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