American rights groups denounce induction of Chandru Acharya into the inter-faith council

Chandru Acharya

Chandru Acharya is a director of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) a Hindu extremist group                           

By Muslim Mirror Network 

Several rights bodies of indo-Americans  including Justice America, Indian Minorities Advocacy Network (ImanNet ) and the Alliance to Save and  Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists (ASPAIRE)  have strongly denounced the appointment of a supporter of Hindu supremacy to any advisory body of the Department of Homeland Security.

HSS is the American wing of the RSS which is considered a violent Hindu supremacist movement which is attempting to create an India exclusive for Hindus.

The founders of the RSS  had launched this supremacist  movement  after they met Mussolini in Italy in  1925; They later made  Hitler their  role model. They were guided by VF Savarkar who made a famous speech explaining Kristallnacht:

“Nationality did not depend so much on a common geographical area as on unity of thought, religion, language and culture. For this reason the Germans and Jews could not be regarded as one nation. In the same way India was a nation of Hindus as they were in the majority”.

The bi-partisan US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch  all have documented extensively the involvement of the RSS in the anti-Muslim pogroms, and anti-Christian and anti-Dalit persecution in India.

American Muslim organizations had been raising awareness about Hindutva supremacism both at national as well as the international level.

“We  have been educating the US law makers and opinion makers about the infiltration of the RSS supporters in the various power centres of America.  Earlier ASPAIRE and CAPI (Coalition of Americans for Pluralism in India) had  held meetings with the respected American institution, the SoutherN Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which maintains a list of hate groups that it designated. We presented a dossier on HSS and VHP America to the SPLC which promised to take the matter up in their leadership meeting,” said Dr Shaik Ubaid, President of ASPAIRE.

“Inclusion of HSS and VHP-A in the hate groups will start to close the door to the infiltration. This is a serious problem as 150,000 Indians come to the US every year on H1  and F1 visas and a significant proportion of them are supporters of the RSS. Instead of nominating an RSS supporter to the DHS, the Biden administration should focus on vetting the visa applicants in India ,“ said Dr Ubaid.

“How can Chandru Acharya, who denounced the recommendations of the bipartisan US commission that  India be named as a country of particular concern, serve the US government? His appointment is not only illogical but immoral. He must be dismissed from his post immediately,” said Hadi Abdul Mateen of Justice America.

“We have approached the national umbrella alliance of the American Muslims, The United States Council of Muslim Organizations, (USCMO) and will be seeking a meeting with the department of Homeland Security and the Biden administration as the first step of a comprehensive campaign against the Hindutva infiltration in the US. In 2008 we had forced the Obama administration to get Sonal Shah to withdraw her nomination because of her relationship with VHP-A, another Hindutva group,” said Dr. Shaik Ubaid

Chandru Acharya calls bipartisan USCIRF report “biased”


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