AMU becomes first Indian university to get membership of UN-GGIM


By MM News

Aligarh :  Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has become the first Indian university to get the membership of the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM).With this membership, AMU will play a role in promoting international cooperation in the field of global geospatial information management through its Interdisciplinary Department of Remote Sensing and GIS Applications.

AMU is among 49 educational institutions from all over the world to be given the UN-GGIM membership. The list of members includes the Ivy League, Harvard University and other eminent centres of learning such as the University of California and University of Melbourne.

Professor Tariq Mansoor, Vice-chancellor has congratulated the AMU faculty for their rigorous research as it enabled the university to get the coveted membership in its centenary year.

“As UN-GGIM member, AMU will assist the development and management of global geospatial information and promote its use to address global issues, while working on the highest and widest utility in service of people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership,” said Prof Qazi Mazhar Ali, Chairman, Interdisciplinary Department of Remote Sensing and GIS Applications.

He added that the membership will enable the University to organise national and international academic events for analysis of geospatial information data, collection and training for achieving sustainable development goals.

Prof Qazi and Dr Rizwan Ahmad will be working as Primary Point of Contact and Second Point of Contact for communications and activities with the UN-GGIM. Prof Akram Javed has been appointed as the lead delegate for meeting the common objectives of UN-GGIM and the Interdisciplinary Department of Remote Sensing and GIS Applications.

Prof Qazi initiated the proposed Expression of Interest (EOI) for the membership earlier in May. AMU was finally selected as a member after a ballot procedure held at the University of Melbourne.



  1. Congratulation to V C ,Chairman prof.Qazi Mazhar Ali and Dr Rizwan Ahmad also all other members of the department
    We pray to Almighty Allah for theirs success in future to prof,Akram Javeed and his team for the responsibilities and challenges ahead best of luck
    Regards to all


  3. I am happiest person to learn that Aligarg Muslim University (AMU) become the first university as Member of UN-GGIM.In fact the AMU Department of Geology & Remote Sensing and its staff under the dynamic leadership of dr iqbaluddin always remained quite active since the very inception of NRDMS(Natural Resources Data Management System) Scheme of Department of Science & Technoligy(DST) .Govt of India promoting application of remote sensing and GIS technologies. led by late Dr MN Qureshy . an eminent Earth Scientist of India and alumene of AMU of the leading departments that introduced application of Remote Sensing and GIS in resource management and India.NRDMS department of Union Ministry of Science and Technology (DST) also assigned a few research projects to AMU’s geology department and its trained workers in remote sensing applications under the leadership of Dr Iqbaluddin .I am grateful to this department of AMU and its staff & research workers who worked in close collaboration with me .particuletly at the NRDMS Disrtict Database Center.Gurugaon(Haryana) that was also set up under the same NRDMS Scheme of DST and inaugurated by an eminent indian Scientist Prof MGK Menon.i myself being the Principsl Investigator (PI) of Gurgaon NRDMS District Database Center working in the Natonal Institute of Science Technology & Development Studies(NISTADS) utilised newly trained manpower working in this newly evolved field of science & technoly in department of Geology & Remote Sensing.AMU due to which the university now become an important member of UNGGIM. My best wishes to each and everyone associated and responsible for this prestigious membership.


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