‘AMU, Jamia, Darul Uloom Deoband should be bombed’ says  Narsinghanand Saraswati

Yati Narsinghanand

By Special Correspondent

New Delhi : The Dasna Devi Temple priest, Narsinghanand Saraswati, who is famous for his hate speeches against Muslims, has said that bombs should be dropped on Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), a premier seat of learning in the country where the majority of students are Muslims.


“AMU should be bombed and destroyed, “Saraswati says in the video which went viral on social media.

“AMU continues to produce anti-nationalists and anti humanitarians. If a ‘man’ comes to power in Delhi (the national capital), the first thing he should do is finish Darul Uloom Deoband, Aligarh Muslim University, and then Jamia Millia Islamia (Millia Islamia University). These three must be destroyed on the first day; only then can this country prosper,” he says in the video.

Activists, journalists, and students slam the Hindu priest 

Activists, journalists and students were among the first to criticise Saraswati for such a statement.

Senior journalist, Shams ur Rehaman Alavi took to Twitter and wrote, “No outrage or anger on TV channels, no reaction from political class. The level of lawlessness, threat and extremism. Scary situation. Media ignores such threats. No headlines. So no action. If posted on social media, people say, ‘why give publicity’.

Student activist, Nasir Khuehami, who is the spokesperson of a Kashmir-based student group said that he’s written to Uttar Pradesh Police demanding the arrest of the priest. “It is very shocking that temples of learning and education are being targeted; Narsingh calling for bombing of institutions like AMU, Jamia and Darul- Uloom Deoband will pose a threat for the institutions and result in real life violence,” Khuehami said.

Sajjad Hussain, an activist from Kargil and a JMI alum, posted a video to Twitter to criticize the statement.

Earlier, this year, The Ghaziabad priest made derogatory remarks about Prophet Muhammad at a press conference held at the Delhi Press Club, his remarks gave rise to protests across India.

Saraswati also made headlines when supported a man who heckled and thrashed a Muslim child for drinking water at his temple in Dasna in Ghaziabad district.

The Uttar Pradesh police are yet to comment on the issue.



    • As usual Marquis de Kalia, the RSS gutter rat thinks calls for murder and terrorist attacks by Hindus against Muslims are nothing to be concerned about or worthy of condemnation. You do know that such are prosecutable criminal acts. Now if the situation was reversed and Muslims were doing this, all these Hindu would screaming day and night like mad monkeys with mirchi up their stinky asses.

  1. This mad dog 🐕 continues with his deadly bites. Can’t we force government to take action against him or should we go to ICJ to seek justice so that lives be saved. Let’s *create an organization to constantly monitor and act against these provocateurs.

  2. Open call for terrorism by this Hindu terrorist and the Hindu state and “free” press are silent. Whats needed is a drone strike on this monkey worshipping savage and his terrorist mandir.

      • Katter Hindu aka Katter goo,

        Wrong as usual. Why doesn’t this smelly Saraswati monkey worshipper doing the criminal acts he’s calling others to carry out? Empty terroristic sloganeering. So you are admitting to support criminal and acts? All you Hindu sh1t eaters bark bark bark, one bullet in the ass and all is quiet. Everybody knows Hindu are cowards, only act tough online and in large numbers.
        In fact the Chinese proved last year you don’t even need a bullet. Laughing stock of the world

          • Katter goo,

            Sure, drag him out of that sh1t shaped mandir he’s so scared of leaving. In fact why don’t you ask him to carry out the violence against Muslim he’s also urging other Hindus to do? Hmmm? Everybody knows Hindus are devout cowards who make chickens look like lions.

            We’ll have him taken out with drone strike equipped with industrial strength cleaning solution. Soap to a Hindu is like sunlight to a vampire.

  3. This is the law and order situation under BJP government. He is clearly abetted and shielded by the government.The government should resign.

  4. Making this kind of sound is the predominant job for all terrorists. One day the so-called bomb might fell in their head, definitely.

  5. Such reprehensible statement should be seen in the context of UP election. These “dogs” have just started biting. So just ignore him.

  6. I thought that the Janus faced or Ashoka Capital faced HINDUTVADI “leaders” of the SSANGH BROTHERHOOD assured us that there was no such thing as a Hindu terrorist?

    Goebbel’s sired some 3rd rate gutter “Aryans”?

    • Theres really no point in wasting time having a dialogue with them because hindus are not capable of civilized discourse, their entire belief system is based on lies, filth, rape an terrorism. Ethics, morals, honor, dignity, kindness, valor. courage are alien concepts to Hindus.


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