An open letter to former VP Hamid Ansari


Hon’ble Hamid Ansari sb,

Former Vice President of India,


Dear Sir, Recently you graced a conclave relating to the empowerment of women in India and in Kozhikode and delivered a scholarly speech on ‘Role of Women in Making a Humane Society’ hosted by Institute of Objective Studies in which women organizations including  NWF (National Women Front)  patronized  by PFI (Popular Front of India) actively participated.

Since your speech made during the golden jubilee celebrations of Majlis-E-Mushawarat, at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi where you  immaculately and un-apologetically addressed the issues faced by country particularly regarding Muslims, I have been very much impressed  Your conviction was again confirmed in the interview you gave highlighting current situation of Muslims during  the last days in the office as  Vice President of India.

However I am shocked and disheartened to go through a report published in Outlook in which it has been inscribed relating to you as ‘He was apparently ambushed by the organizers by not revealing that PFI’s unit was part of the event.

“I was invited by a Delhi-based body called Institute of Objective Studies; they had come to me saying they are organizing a study on status of women and role of women in making a humane society, with a focus, of course, on Muslim women,” said the former Vice President.

The above news item has painted you as an apologist under the fear of majoritarianism and fringe organizations like VHP against your established image.

I feel sorry that without knowing the truth regarding PFI in view of its probabilities commitment and hard work to promote a society based on justice and equality, some elements and organizations want to damage the reputation of PFI, which has rendered an yeomen service to the country and humanity by promoting education, distributing annual scholarship of crores, deploying ambulances, helping needy and  helpless during natural calamities, inspiring the youth to play a constructive role, strengthening the common values and virtues and also working at grass roots for the  empowerment of the marginalized section of the society by its various projects across the country.

Dear Sir, like you a am also I am also not a member of Popular Front of India  but have been following their initiatives and actions to make India physically mentally and psychologically empowered and a better place for all.

I humbly request to you to collect information about PFI and also enlighten the country in view of conspiracy being hatched under sinister design to damage a movement which works for justice equality and constitutional supremacy in the country.



Advocate Sharfuddin  Ahmad

Vice President, Social Democratic Party of India

New Delhi


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