An Open Letter to Political Parties of Pakistan


By Muslim Mirror News,

india-pakistanNew Delhi, April 17: Aaghaz-e-Dosti, a civil initiative for better friendly relations between India and Pakistan, has appealed to all political parties in Pakistan not to glorify hatred between the two neighbors, rather focus on issues that could strengthen the bilateral relations and cornor the hate mongers.

Text of the Letter:


The representatives of the Political Parties of Pakistan,

We would like to offer our respect to you for your continuous efforts towards building a people’s government in Pakistan. In fact, in spite of various tide and ebbs in the long span of time and in various sectors, internal and external, Pakistan with its government always stood and proved itself a nation that is truly based on courage and desires of people and for the welfare of people and coming generations.

In the wake of recent election campaigning, all of you must be occupied with delivering manifestos and speeches, provisions and promises to the people. Like India, Pakistan also has many political parties with specific agendas that try to represent the voice of the people. But there is one appeal that we wish to make to all of you.

We all know that Pakistan and India parted ways 65 years ago to move on separate paths promising peace and development to people. But the very beginning was a painful one. Sadly, we have all grown up hearing those stories of pain, hatred and inhumanity that accompanied the partition. We, who had not experienced them, also feels the “pain” because these stories were internalised and we all consider ourselves as “victims” and there is a competition on who was a bigger victim. But truth is that it was humanity devoid of any religion or faith that had succumbed to the madness and politics. However, what is more painful is that we have not learnt from our past. Infact, we tried to re-iterate them through more wars and hate speeches. This happened on both sides, who started it, it doesn’t really matter anymore but the sad truth is, hatred remains.

Sadly, the recent election campaigning have also witnessed elements of ‘glorifying’ the hatred with India through various attempts by some political parties and its members. Though, ofcourse there are people and even parties who do not support this but they are not quite effective before media and probably none of them narrated anything positive about bilateral relationship.

We, a group of people from both sides of the border who dream of peace and friendship between India and Pakistan, request you to represent the true desire of people on both sides. The true desire is of peace, harmony and development. On both sides, all people want is bread, peace and land. We do not think that people on both sides desire for war. We do not think that they desire that the money of the Government to be spent on warfare than on development projects as both the countries have failed to cater to all sections of the society. We do not think that an average Pakistani care more about hatred with India than about the social injustice in his country. This is the same for an Indian. We think that both have their own problems so why would they want a new and major issue? Also, if “we” really want hatred then why is there so much of respect for Saadat Hassan Manto, Mehdi Hasan, Gulzar  sahab? Why do we all explicitly wish to travel to each other’s country? Where is the hatred when there is a news that someone from India has come and everyone wants to have a glimpse and chat? Who really wants war? and more importantly, why?

Regardless of believers in Allah, Ishwar, God or in none, we are all human beings who are also entitled to a just and dignified life, a promise of the state. Though the elections (should) focus on internal agenda of Pakistan, it also states the relation with the neighboring country. We feel that developing and strengthening a healthy relationship with India is not only a moral obligation but also required in view of Geo politics. The two nations together can achieve more than individually. Both countries should focus more on bilateral relations. After all these 65 years of hatred, the political parties should become mature that friendship with India is not only important in view of desires of common people of both sides, but also in view of benefits of people of both sides and an important agenda in making a national government.

Aaghaz-e-Dosti requests you to recognize the freedom of hearts, desires of minds and light of future. We appeal to you to build the election strategy in view of better relations with India.


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