An unequal massacre: Film on killing of 650 Kashmiri Pandits, but what about 1,00000 Kashmiri Muslims


By Special Correspondent

On March 11, a film named Kashmir Files was released across India and it took theatres by storm. The film ‘highlights’ the plight of Kashmiri Pandits who suffered during the insurgency in the 90s.


Soon after its release, the film started to make headlines, many called it an actual representation of the conflict in the valley. While the film takes the plight of Pandits into account, it does injustice to the sufferings of Kashmiri Muslims and paints them with a black brush.

Kashmiri Pandit Sangarash Samiti, an organisation that looks after the interests of the remaining Pandits in Kashmir, in 2011, had said that as many as 650 Pandits were killed in the valley.

The number was much lower, according to a 2021 RTI, filed by activist PP Kapoor from Haryana’s Samalkha. The RTI said many as “89 Kashmiri Pandits were killed in attacks since the inception of militancy in 1990”.

According to the RTI, 1724 people have been slain by militants in Kashmir over the last three decades. More than 1600 of them were Muslims. Kapoor said that KPs account for roughly 5% of those slain by militants in Kashmir.

Estimates are that 15-20,000 people (insurgents, armed forces, civilians, etc) have died since the insurgency began (Ganguly, 1996b, 77).

Most of those killed are Kashmiri Muslims civilians.

Motilal Bhat, the president of the Pandit Hindu Welfare Society, in an 2011 Aljazeera report, has said that the number of Pandits killed in Kashmir stands at 219, which is also the government figure.

Pandits started to leave the valley on 19 January 1990, according to Human Rights Watch as many as 100,000 Pandits left the valley “with the encouragement and assistance of the government”. Reports by Indian government state around 140,000 migrated due to militancy while over 3000 stayed in the valley. Many people in the Valley believe that the Government of India and the then Governor, Jagmohan had encouraged the Pandits to leave so as to have a free hand in more thoroughly pursuing reprisals against Muslims.

After the exodus happened, Kashmiri Pandits have been used a ‘scapegoats’ by various Right Wing Hindu groups.

In 2021, the Kashmiri Pandit Sangarsh Samiti (KPSS) said that the Pandits were being used by various TV channels to carry out their nepherious designs . The orgazsation had requsted the govermnet of India to stop Kashmir centric debates on TV if they wanted Kashmiri Pandits to live in Peace.

At this juncture, a film based on such sensitive issues will spread the discord further in the valley and India in general.

Several Videos viral on social media show people ralling outside Cinema halls and yelling “Jai Shree Ram” and other Hindu slogans.

Some experts have said that the film is being used to weaponize the Kashmiri Pandits issue to further BJP plans, to spread disinformation that Kashmiri Hindus are indigenous to Kashmir while Muslims were outsiders and to create consensus for demographic change.


  1. See who were casting in that film and its producers and directors, you can understand what this film is going to show people of India?

  2. Sorry to say this, but the people of Kashmir brought this upon themselves, they supported Pakistan’s nefarious design and had wanted to do al-jihad.
    They had full clarity and called it a holy war to sever Kashmir from India and join Pakistan.
    They aided, abbeted and stone pelted in favour of the terrorists. Now when the chips are down, they want to be treated with kid gloves ??
    That is why no Indian trusts muslims as politicians, the last time(only time) we had a Muslim home minister was in 1989, everybody knows how Kashmir went to hell then.

    • Then one can say pandiths bought upon it themselves as they support indian nefarious design to lead indian occupation into kashmir as previously it was a separate free country. So don’t try to justify the wrong doing wdr its been carried out by ur own brother . that why I m against who ever even killed 1 single kashmiri pandiths.

      • Indian occupation of Kashmir ?
        The king of Kashmir signed an instrument of accession and legally was absorbed by India.

        And by your logic, some muslims in India also supported ISI nefarious designs, does this mean all muslims should be ethnically cleansed ??

  3. More than 90 % Kashmiri muslims are actually progeny of those converted Kashmiri Pandits who willingly left Brahmin dharm and accepted lslam by choice.

    • Willingly accepted Islam? May be, you should read the autobiography of so Araqi. He was a shia(so called Saint). He himself said he used to kill 1200-2000 Pandits each day if they refused to convert. So, stop your propaganda. You guys are being exposed badly.

    • Don’t make false claims… They were forcefully converted and it’s the recorded history… U are a joker who is spreading false agenda

    • Just like your father converted from bansilal to bilal.
      U may hate hindu but hindu is in your dna .even if u keep arabic name.
      U wont become arabic u will remain muhajir.
      Pakistani 100% right for u.

      • Lindu is not a dna or race motherfucker 😂…..every ethnicity have their own mixed DNa’s… don’t claim whole world belongs to LINDUS😂…1billion LINDUS in a poor fucking nation

  4. Who killed those many Kashmiri muslims? Kashmiri Pandits?
    Those muslims were killed in terr0rist attacks. And, who are the terr0rists? Kashmiri Pandits?
    Kashmiri Pandits were killed just because they were Hindu. The muslims who died, died in terr0rist attacks. So, is suffering of Pandits any less, just because more muslims died in tetrr0ist attacks?

    • No their suffering is not less but does the director of the movie showed 1600+ deaths of muslims too? Each and every life counts and people should be ashamed if they are caring about people from their religion only. Applicable for all religions

  5. The entire Muslim population of Kashmir is responsible for the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus . There is no such thing as Kashmiriyat – there is only Barbariyat and Haiwaniyat .

  6. The truth about atrocities committed by islamists cannot be ignored. People want to cast a blind eye to the fact that Kashmiri Hindus were brutalised for hundreds of years by Muslim persecutors

    • The atrocities committed by right wing in our country cannot be ignored since independence in various riots and now mob lynching the Indian Muslims have been brutalized since independence by the right wing perscutors. On the other hand ordinary Hindus are doing a great job in leading peace. Hope they debunk the propoganda of right wing political parties who have no achievement in governance and have been stoking hatred as a means of polarisation to get political power.

    • This is no exaggeration but upper caste Hindus well into the early 2000s used to beat up harass and even murder dalits. Women were and still are treated worse than slaves in many Hindu, Muslim and sikh communities.
      There was a lot more insurgency in India before the economic reforms in many far flung states but even in big cities gang wars and violence used to occur.
      Things started getting better and continued to get better until recently.
      Its no coincidence that social unrest is happening, it’s a direct result of economic hardship.
      Religious identity, caste, language or any identity can be used to assert dominance over another group. If the pie is big enough, resources plentiful, there is no need to exert dominance. There will always be troublemakers but the average person with a full stomach and meaningful work would be less willing to indulge them.
      On the other hand if you create terror, the most sensible and educated people will fall in line along traditional identities and civilization descends into tribalism. It is the job of the government to ensure that does no happen, to protect civilization.
      Is the current government doing that?

  7. What about the many times muslim lives lost in the kashmir conflict? what about the jammu riots? who will make movies on all this? u people see only one side of the coin… u all are biased and this country may be doomed because of such communal splits

    • They died due to their karma. They wage war against India & start killing innocent Hindus in kashmir. I am a kashmiri Pundit & i will take revenge.

  8. All these brothers of ours know is to complicate things like ‘jalebis’ because they who know that they are at fault think it best to spread chaos in order to escape punishment. Their pride that they are the most widespread religion is a joke to them as well. They know it well. Otherwise who would call others animals and go on killing those ‘animals’ and in return after getting themselves killed by themselves joke about that globally rather than ponder upon the ‘lives that matter’, if not for the purpose of a good laugh? Do they have the courage to call Hindus terrorists? They don’t and if not then why not control the terrorists, your own religion brothers instead of becoming a cry baby infront of the ‘animals’ who are meant to be served on your plates, right? You will not control them. Also, mere words are enough to bring out the murderer in most of you but that’s not the case for most of the Hindus. They won’t ever kill a ‘life that matters’ merely because of a word or a single goal. Not all of you are bad..we don’t call you sinners only because you don’t worship idols or follow some so called ‘stupid’ ritual that is responsible for killing lives but, as much as we have seen, yes we have the courage to call you ‘the scary one’. You ask why? Because you think it necessary to kill animals and eat them. None of you as far as seen is a vegetarian, that is the essence of humanity. You call us non vegetarians too? I guarantee you eating animals is not necessary for us. But it is for you. Yes our ancestors did eat animals but did they not stop that after attaining spirituality? Yes your life matters to all of us but not if you kill us and not if ours does not matter to you. And when a movie is counter to terrorism, appreciate that. The movie did not show muslims at fault but the terrorists, so let us be cry babies too infront of the terrorists in return. The one who started it stops first.


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