Anand Mahindra commends Kashmir’s Bilal Ahmad for developing solar car after 13 years of hard work

Solar car developed by Bilal Ahmad

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Bilal Ahmed has won the hearts of many tech leaders including Anand Mahindra as he has developed a solar car after 13 years of hard work. He is being hailed as ‘Elon Musk of Kashmir’ on social media for his unique task.


The electric car developed by Ahmad runs on solar energy. It can become a better alternative when it comes to adopting green modes of transport.

Anand Mahindra said that Ahmad’s design needs to evolve into a production-friendly version. “Perhaps our team at Mahindra Research Valley can work alongside him to develop it further,” he said in a tweet.

He wishes to see his running on the road. “my goal is to see this car running on the road after one or two months and even middle-class people enjoying it,” he said in an interview with The Rising Kashmir.


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