Anti caste activist Kausalya suspended from job for allegedly criticising India

Anti-caste activist Kausalya

By Muslim Mirror Staff

The NDA 2.0 seems to have started working. The Wellington Cantonment Board in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris district has in a very harsh move suspended anti-caste activist Kausalya for allegedly criticising India in an interview to a news channel.


She is a clerk at the cantonment board.

Her husband Shankar was a Dalit from Kumaralingam village in Udumalpet, and Kausalya is a Thevar, an OBC caste with social and political clout in the state. After Shankar was hacked to death by goons hired by her parents, a killing caught on CCTV cameras near Udumalpet bus stand, Kausalya decided to fight the case against her parents and got them convicted. Kausalya had survived the attack with head injuries.

“According to the Constitution, India has been considered a union, not a nation,” Kausalya said in a recent interview, according to The Times of India. “In that sense, how can this be called a nation? Also, in the same regard, I cannot accept Tamil Nadu as a state. And Tamil Nadu has been neglected on all fronts by India.”

Speaking to The Hindu, a Cantonment board official said, “Her suspension will be reviewed at the next meeting of Cantonment Board officials, and we plan on recommending that she be terminated from service.”

Following the caste killing of her husband in March 2016, masterminded by her own father, Gowsalya has been an anti-caste activist, lending her voice to various issues and protests in the state. She has also been campaigning for a law to protect inter-caste couples.


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