Anti-Muslim events in Delhi prelude to violence against innocents: PFI


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: In a statement issued to the media, Popular Front of India Chairman, O M A Salam, said that the anti-Muslim events that took place in the capital city are the prelude to violence against innocents.

Inflammatory slogans were raised at the congregation held on Friday against the construction of a Haj House in Dwarka. On the next day, an event was called by former BJP spokesperson Ashwini Upadhyay at Mantar Mantar, only a few kilometres away from the parliament. At the event, pamphlets calling for violence against Muslims were distributed and slogans calling for the killing of Muslims were raised at the event.


”Such programmes, most often, are followed by a well – organized attack, loot, rape, and arson by rabid Hindutva men against innocent people for belonging to the Muslim community.,” Salam observed.

It is to be remembered that provocative rallies and speeches of BJP and RSS leaders before the anti-Muslim pogrom happened in Northeast Delhi in February 2020. It was police inaction that led to the violence. BJP leaders who openly called for violence against anti-CAA protesters still roam free, he added.

He called upon the secular forces in the capital city to put up a joint effort to resist the wanton attempt to disturb communal harmony and to maintain amity and calm among people.


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