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Asif Khan lynched to death by Hindutva extremists in Haryana

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Asif Khan, a Muslim gym trainer from Mewat in Haryana, was lynched to death after allegedly being forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ by a group of Hindutva militants on Sunday night.

Khan’s family claimed that Asif Khan was travelling with his friends from Khalilpur, his home village, to Sohna to get medicines when he was attacked by a group of 30 people.

“A group of 15 stopped the car and started abusing the passengers. They shouted “maar mulle ko” — Kill Muslims— and lynched Khan”, his uncle Hasan Khan said.

The Haryana police have filed an FIR against the perpetuators under IPC 302. But no arrest have been made so far, according to the family.

Asif Khan


Rashid (31) and Wasif (22), who was accompanying Khan were also assaulted but survived the attack. Rashid remains in critical care.

“The mob hit the car from behind and when they stopped the car they hurled stones at the car,” says Hasan. ” The other two escaped the attack but Khan was captured and lynched”.

Khan was found dead in Nangli, a village on the outskirts of Sonha, Haryana. Khan’s relative also shared that there is a history of hostility between Khan and Hindu groups in his village.

31 thoughts on “Asif Khan lynched to death by Hindutva extremists in Haryana

  1. Hindu terrorists need to shot on sight. No civilized person is safe around these murderous thugs and terrorists.

      1. Ram Sevak aka Gaand Sevak,

        Hindu terrorists got China treatment,last year at the border. Now Covid is doing a great job…makes me happy that you dogs are dying everyday,

        1. damn bro, good people also exist in India. There is difference between a true Hindu and a false Hindu. A true Hindu is quiet and does not care about others faith while the other is just dumb and uses it for publicity and violence. True Muslims also exist. But only these false people are being worshipped. Those who use religion for violence are fake idiots. Peace people peace is the only way to happiness. Nobody should wish others misfortune

          1. I don’t agree. The majority of Hindus are evil wicked fascists who are open about their crimes and terrorism in India. They support the murder of innocent Muslim men like Asif…just read the comments left here by Hindu aatankis. I’m glad they are dying like dogs thanks to Covid. No sympathy for these sanghi bhangi animals.

    1. Do not say Hindu … its Sanatani terrorists. There is a lot and lot of difference between Sanatani and Hindu

    2. Yeh north India hai meri jaan.
      Yahan aise hi chalta hai.
      Try and preach your religion in Bengal.
      Not here.
      By the way taali dono haathon se bajti hai.
      That person must have done someting wrong.

      1. Yogi aka Hindu sewer rat,

        We will practice our religion wherever we are, hindu terrorist rat. North India tere maa ki chut nahi heh, samja? Bengal meh bhi marenge aur North meh bhi, janvar. Asif did nothing wrong. He was murdered by dozens of Hindu aatanki dogs for being Muslim. Everybody knows Hindus are spinless cowards who can’t fight one on one. Busdil makkar qom. You support the murder of an innocent man. Apna address post kar, aur abhi aake teri kali Hindu sanghi gaand ko seedha karenge, haram zadeh…

        Hinduism is garbage and filth, it breeds extremism, backwardness, terrorism and filth. Covid is a great cure for this evil cult. You will all be reincarnated as toilet seats for Muslims.

    3. Jo aapka news paper hai lagta hai ek special atankwadi dharam ko support karta hai
      Aaj mob lynching hai
      Kuch dino pehle tak to aatankwad ka dharam nahi hota tha
      Agar patarkarita karni hai to newtral ho ke karo
      Rahi baat darane ki remember Assam Gujrat Muzaffarnagar and Delhi
      Remember China and Israel
      Duniya ka pehla Hindu aatankwadi Godse tha ye to aapko pata hai
      Per shantipriye dharam ka pehla aatankwadi kaun tha
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      Chod do aatankwad desdrohiyo aaj chin aur Israel maar raha hai kal poori duniya maregi

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  2. It took 30 filthy Hindu cowardly terrorists to attack and lynch one Muslim man. This is Hinduism in action. All Muslims should arm themselves and deal with violent Hindu terrorists without hesitation. Hope these animals all get covid and die.

      1. anonymous aka Hindu street rat

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    1. Who are you and me to interfere with Law and Order of the state.

      Yhe sab haqq insaaf ki baat hai. That person must have done something wrong. That’s why he was badly beaten.

      Hum kaun hote hain sarkar ko bura kehne wale.

      Agar hume sab pata hota toh khud na sarkar bana lete. LOL.

      Wake up Man.

      1. @Yodi aka Hindu sanghi bhangi,

        Who are YOU, Hindu aatanki? Typical haram Zadah Hindu makaar. There is NO law and order when people are murdered by Hindu lynch mobs. How do you know he did anything wrong, and who are mobs of Hindu animals to decide life and death? Teri maa ki chut meh kabab pakaa ya tha? The criminal behavior of Hindu police is well known. Governments are answerable to the people…samja kutte ke bache? This is not a Hindu dictatorship where hindu haramis can do whatever they want.

        You murderous Hindu bastards are justifying the murder of innocent Muslims on no ground but lies. The solution is simple extermination of all Hindu extremists and terrorists. All Hindu dogs in Muslim countries will be dealt with. I’ve had many Hindu monkeys fired from their jobs and deported back to mother India where they can sell street food. Haram khors.

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  3. Allah Asif ke Ghar walon ko sabr Ata farmayn Aur shhid Asif ko jannat Ameen

    Muslim ke sath aisa kiyun horaha hai is desh me

    1. Obviously, Insha Allah agree with you.. Allah Is the Last and best judge and his court is the Last court, his decision is final and Best. Allah Is the Best planner. Innalillahe maa-uss- saabereen. Asif is shaheed and obviously a jannati. Allah unki magfirat kare aur jannatul-firdous mein aala maquam ata fermaye. Unke family members ko sabr de. Aameen Summa Aameen.

    1. So sad. I pray for you my brother. These people are not fit to be called Hindus. Iam so ashamed.

        1. @Yogi aka hindu gutter monkey,









    1. Ye avi bol rha north india hai chalta hai fir jab hindu marte hai Rinku mara tab kyu muslim ke dharm Pe ja rha the tab kyu nhi bola criminal ne mara usko vi bol rha hai ki dharm me mt jao or ye murder v nuh me hua hai

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    As i hear terrorist has no religion only when activity done by shantipriye people
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    But viseversa it is matter of law
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    Unse Bharat ratan milna chahiye ya noble prize sorry bhai pata nahi tha ki aatankwad ka koi dharam nahi hota
    Sorry for Islamophobia

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