Asif lynching case: four accused given clean chit by police despite eyewitness testimony

Asif Khan (Twitter)

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Police have said that the four men arrested in Asif lynching case are innocent. They have submitted a discharge plea to a local court despite the fact that the men were named by Asif’s brother and eyewitness Rashid and his father in their complaint.

Asif, a gym trainer from Haryana’s Mewat, was killed by Hindutva terrorists on 16 May. His family alleged that the terrorists hurled anti-Muslim slurs at Asif and his brother Rashid who was severely injured before he could escape from them.

The four were amongst 14 people named in the FIR. The four were arrested a day after the incident on 17 May.

Following their arrest, several mahapanchayats were held at various places in Haryana in support of the accused. Speaking at such a mahapanchayat, Karni Sena president Surajpal Singh Ammu justified killing of Muslims.

”Can’t we even kill them?” Ammu asked in his speech.

Due to such mahapanchayats, tensions have been rising around Khalilpur Kheda village, where Asif’s family lives. His relatives are concerned about their security.


  1. Typical Hindu behavior…there is no no concept of civilization amongst these murderous pagan savages. India has deteriorated into fascist sh1thole under Hindu rule. Muslims should not expect justice from these animals. become strong and travel in large groups and we shall see how brave these smelly Hindu rats are.
    We are working on exposing and deporting Hindus from Muslim countries, and many have been kicked out. Glad to also see that thousands of these vile hindu aatankis are dying daily due to covid. Divine justice cannot be denied.

  2. देख तेरे संसार की हालत क्या हो गयी भगवान, कितना बदल गया इंसान

  3. India is becoming a country where minorities cannot expect justice… also surprisingly such events are not covered by the mainstream media.
    All these Hindu fanatics must be moved out of all the Arab /muslim countries , from where they earn there bread and butter


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