Assam: FIR filed against Ajmal Foundation for receiving funds from foreign ‘terror financiers’

Badruddin Ajmal

By Muslim Mirror Network

Guwahati : An FIR has  has been lodged against the Ajmal Foundation for receiving funds from foreign agencies allegedly linked to terrorist organisations, including Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hizbul Mujahideen.


The foundation is  run by Lok Sabha MP and chief of All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) Badruddin Ajmal .

The complainant was filed by known Hindutva hardliner Satya Ranjan Borah.

The complaint, was based on the report of Legal Rights Observatory (LRO), a legal rights body.

“Ajmal Foundation, an organisation run by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, chief of AIUDF, being funded by some foreign agencies which are related to funding different terrorist groups and their terror activities as reported by an NGO Legal Rights Observatory.

“Considering the report, we want proper investigation in this connection under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act…Ajmal Foundation has misused those foreign funds in several anti-national activities,” Borah alleged in the FIR.

  • The LRO had tweeted: “#FCRAViolation Ajmal Foundation of @BadruddinAjmal got Rs 69.55 Cr for educn, used only Rs 2.05 Cr for it, rest routed for #AIUDF, to counter @himantabiswa’s #Hindutva juggernaut, #Turkish n UK terror grps funded it in crores! Wrote @HMOIndia for #FCRA cancellation”.

It further wrote: “Needless to say why Ajmal Foundation has spent just 2.5% of its foreign donations on actual cause of education (for which it received) n you would come to know where did rest money go!”

The Guwahati Police confirmed registering a First Information Report in the matter.

According to police sources, the foundation has been charged with sections of the Indian Penal Code and Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, which prohibits acceptance and utilisation of foreign contribution for any activities “detrimental to national interest”.


  1. BJP gets crores foreign kickbacks from US and UK from RSS Sanghi puppies , but that’s KOSHER for them.

    Impoverish the Muslim minorities, disarm them and then RSS and fascist police can beat them black and blue, and enjoy their “Chanakya — dhokla” Humanity.

    So entertaining, ha ha ha.

  2. Oh my God! Every muslim activists n politician will be targetted by saffron brigade with ulterior motive. They want to destroy Muslim leadership. They also want to weak the ngo s working for the education and upliftment of the oppressed especially minorities.

  3. *The truth Allah knows best.*
    *However his “Ajmal “brand perfumes business is expanded far and wide and he has amassed a notable quantum of wealth.*

    *Despite this family business, his lust for money is not exhausted. He is the boss of his party AIUDF and does not like any dissent within either. Nepotism is the bench mark of his style of functioning in politics.*

    PS : *Well, now when charge of terrorist funding is on him, he must have realized how a balant lie and false allegation of “salafis are terrorists” he had made in parliament while speaking on triple talaq. He had branded the whole creed of salaf as “terrorist”*

    • No doubt this is a witch hunt to demoralise a godly person.
      All they do is to uplift the down and out cast. Evil people
      have different agendas.

      • Truth: Ajmal is no Godly person, he may be megalomaniacal idiot, but he is also not criminal murderous bigot like Mo-Sha-Bha-Kejri-Bhogi…..


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