Audio clip of Maulana Saad asking Tablighi Jamaat to not follow social distancing was doctored


By Muslim Mirror Desk

New Delhi, May 9:  An audio clip of Tablighi Jamaat  head Maulana Saad Kandhalvi, in which he insisted that coronavirus can do no harm to Muslims and asked Jamaat members not to follow social distancing norms, is possibly “doctored”, Delhi Police Crime Branch has found during probe.

Around 2000 devotees from various states as well as foreign countries were stuck in lockdown .

According to a report in Indian Express, the police have sent all audio clips as well as the allegedly doctored clip to a forensic science laboratory for further investigation. The audio clip mentioned in the FIR was allegedly ‘stitched together using several audio files’, the report claimed. In the clip, a man can be heard saying “there is no need for social distancing as it is not written about in our religion”.

Saad Kandhalvi and six others were charged with flouting of lockdown orders and booked under the Epidemic Disease Act, 1897 and the Indian Penal Code on March 31. The FIR said that the Jamaat members ‘willfully’ disobeyed the government directives issued to curtail the pandemic.

India has witnessed a rise in hatred against Muslims after a section of Indian media misreported a congregation organised by Islamic missionary group Tablighi Jamaat in March in New Delhi after several of the group’s members were infected with Covid-19. The misrepresentation of the incident has led to the social boycott of Muslims in many corners of India and a rise in hate crime against them including lynchings and cyber bullying


  1. Only Muslim getting clean chit from the Hindutva police and intelligence agencies! Continues to enjoy Modi Government’s hospitality!!

  2. A straight path is often tested with evil doings transgressors who envy the Believers straight path to jannah…iblis@devil n his associates are the real enemy of ALLAH n Believers…May ALLAH protect us from the evil doings of transgressors n iblis@devils deception….Ameen

  3. Good afternoon all audios,

    I hope that it is war crime and defame against Muslims, by the false news in the world, he never ever says like this, please listen his entire voice clips and considered again and again.

  4. After JNU doctored video, India is still suffering from the same syndrome. This is something learn for all Muslim leaders that in the future all press briefing has to be done probably with some watermark behind and running text so that it won’t be edited.

    But Tablighi Jamaat head Maulana Saad Kandhalvi has to answer why Natitonal Security Advisor has private meeting with him just before the paid media made the headlines?

    Jai Hind


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