Australia apologises over its soldiers killing 39 civilians in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan: Australian authorities on Thursday finally released probe details into at least 39 incidents of civilian killings by their special forces in Afghanistan.

Chief of the Australian Defense Forces Gen. Angus Campbell sought apology from the Afghans as he shared the horrifying details of the probe.

“To the people of Afghanistan, on behalf of the Australian Defence Force, I sincerely and unreservedly apologize for any wrongdoing by Australian soldiers. I have spoken directly to my Afghan counterpart, General (Yaseen) Zia, to convey this message,” he said in a televised speech.

Such alleged behavior, he said profoundly disrespected the trust placed in Australian forces by the people of Afghanistan, at a time when they had asked for our help.

“It would have devastated the lives of Afghan families and communities, causing them immeasurable pain and suffering, and it would have put in jeopardy both our mission and the safety of our Afghan and Coalition partners,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul said in a statement that President Mohammed Ashraf Ghani received a phone call from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in this connection.

“In this telephone call, the Prime Minister of Australia expressed his deepest sorrow over the misconduct by some Australian troops in Afghanistan and assured the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan of the investigations and to ensuring justice,” read the statement.


One thought on “Australia apologises over its soldiers killing 39 civilians in Afghanistan

  1. No worries Australian Kangaroos — collateral damage you know!

    By the way, what business have Kangaroos have in Afghanistan?

    More likely they killed 390,000 and apologizing for 39, hypocrites.

    Canada, US, UK, France , Germany ….all having Dracula “blood–soup” of innocent Muslim citizens in their modern Crusades, whilst OIC whistle and enjoy.

    Stop Oil export and all unethical inhuman wars will stop immediately. Increase oil-prices 3 fold immediately.

    But alas, Arabs have lost their soul to lavish comforts and western sycophancy and arm-twisting tactics.

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