Austrian boxer converts to Islam after studying religion in quarantine period


By Muslim Mirror Web Desk

An Austrian professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter has  converted to Islam after studying the religion more comprehensively during his time quarantine period.

Wilhelm Ott released a video online on Thursday in which he recites the proclamation of Islam, or the “Shahada”, which officially signifies the start of his journey as a Muslim.

“This is my religion, I am a proud Muslim now,” he says in the video.

According to him ‘Islam has been on his mind for many years, but there were times when he “could do nothing with it.”

“I let myself be influenced politically. But when I had hard times, the Islamic faith gave me the necessary strength,” he said.

In another post, Ott expressed gratitude for the positive reactions he received from his fans and the Islamic community.

“It wasn’t my intention that it would be that big. I actually posted it because people around me and friends know it,” he said.

Ott also shared a picture showing him with the Holy Quran that was reportedly gifted to him by fellow Muslim MMA boxer Burak Kizilirmak.

Ott, nicknamed “the amazing,” was born in 1982. He ranked 74th of 615 active EU Wester Pro Welterweights, according to MMA resource Tapology.


  1. Masha Allah that’s excellent, perfect timing for hidayah hopefully Allah guide to the rest of his family and friends

    • Why’s your ass burning by the way!? It’s because you’ve nothing better to offer to the world. A disgusting sore loser.

  2. I love you in the name of Islam and for the sake of Allah, my brother. May Allah grant you the Jannah and all your beloved ones.

  3. Gr8 job brother welcome to new world ur r brother of whole world . All will be pray for u . U r like new born baby and ur past is no more .

  4. Alhamdulillah TabarakAllah welcome to ISLAM DEEN you’re on the right path may ALLAH open doors of hidayat and accept your SHAHADA ,SALAH, SIYAM ,AMAL SWALEHA & REWARD you all the Bounty here & hereafter, JAZAKALLAH KHAIR Aameen Àameen Àameen


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