Babita Phogat calls Islamic group ‘ignorant pigs’ Twitter users demand suspension of her account


By Muslim Mirror

Commonwealth medalist and BJP politician Babita Phogat is facing criticism for some of her tweets, which apparently blame Islamic missionary group Tablighi Jamaat for the spread of Covid-19 in India.
Scores of people are demanding that Twitter suspends her account.

#SuspendBabitaPhogat is trending on the microblogging site and more than 209,0000 tweets have been written under this hatch tag.

Two tweets of Phogat are at the core of this controversy. In these tweets, she has called members of the Tablighi Jamaat “ignorant pigs” and the “biggest problem of India”.

Phogat on 17 April released a small video clip, in which she claimed that she was receiving threats. In the video message, she added, “I am not Zaira Wasim. I won’t bow down to your threats”.

She apparently referred to Wasim’s decision to quit Bollywood in order to practice Islam.

She also maintained that the Tablighi Jamaat group was the reason behind the spread of Covid-19 in India. “Had the people of Tablighi Jamaat not spread the Corona infection, the lockdown would have been lifted and the Corona infection would have also been defeated in India”. She added.

Many Twitter users have expressed their concerns on Phogat’s comment.

One Suraj Thakur wrote, “It’s unbelievable to watch a public person, an inspiration for many young people, attacking a community for their religion! During these hard times, we should fight together, not against each other”. While another person, identified as Faiz Azad, said, “I was proud of you @BabitaPhogat, we were. But now we are feeling shame on you.”


  1. Today not even single Non-Muslim Neighborhood in India wants any Muslim to come to their street or Neighborhood. So, what is incorrect she are going to see more of these. Indians or Hindus are just opening up. Muslims tolerate and celebrate comments from Owaisi and Pathan which could be Islamic idealogy of AIMIM Muslim Party that 15% Muslims can kill 80% Hindus in India which includes Hindu Police and Hindu, Sikh Army then why can’t they tolerate somebody calling them “PIGS” or “SUAR”

    • 1.You are the biggest pig india is still tolerant a few places where pig minded like you are not allowing muslim poor vendors it makes no difference cause like you pig families are few ie.bastard Aryans .do not underestimate hence you should be educated and you shoud be born to a rightfull father to know facts any unknown person made you to be born is not your mistake its your mother’s mistake.the highest contributors of fund are wipro cipla to name a few go and know about them from an educated learned person

    • You don’t even have the courage to write the above comment using your name,instead you have posted it as “anonymous”. Indeed you are very brave.

  2. Just because of owaisi or pathan you cannot condemn any religion.Mr,who so ever you are,or who so ever you may be,you have no rights to call us pigs or suwar as you are portraying your self that u are a fucking suwar.Ass hole

  3. This bitch should learn to be decent. Let her bark on what happened in Yogi’s UP procession and Jaggi’s Isha Foundation too. Selectively Ignorant Bitch.

  4. It seems they have forgotten that first it was all started by the Hindu outfits. Not by Muslims. Just go through the chronology right from demolition of Babri Masjid to the latest events of the hate campaign and mob lynching and the Delhi riots and to now the Tableegi Jamath. They are not speaking about the other Hindu congregations like Isha Foundation, Tirupati Event, Navratri, Marriage parties and even breaking the rules by dancing on the roads etc. etc. There are much more such events to mention. If you are a true Indian then you should abuse them also. Why don’t you people abuse them with that filthy language you used to abuse the Muslims. Criticism should be followed by ethics and it should be for creating hate among people and divide the masses on the lines of religion.

  5. Guys if owaisi or pathan told something then go and target them beat them did someone from street who sell fruits or vegetable told this thing no they are just common people like me and you this ass holes owaisi and pathan they won’t represent me so y should i suffer because of their behaviour and comments

    • Leave this one sided being proud shit these bastards are enemies they openly bark against your community and people like you still keep licking there foot by such comments….. Remember the more you will bow to these urine drinkers the more there morals will become high a coward flies too high if anyone is in defensive I hope such mule shall realise this

  6. We all are Indians. Despite of various diversity in religion and casts ,the ultimate unity is the essence of Our India. All the religions teaches us to respect one other along with their beliefs.. why should any body have a right to discriminate and pollute the minds with so many derogatory remarks about any religious beliefs, especially if you’re a role model not at all acceptable…
    Not talking about the illiterates irrespective of religious beliefs but for educated,it’s indeed a shame.

  7. You are blind to see the truth. The language you speak is of andh bhakt & followers.
    The light of truth will never reach them because their hearts are blind.
    For your info here are some facts given below for your kind info.

    If you have humanity left in you in the least bit surely you will understand the truth.

  8. Shame on u and ur sportsmenship… May amir regretting y i promoted this bitch family in limelight after making dangal.. Orelse this bitch was no where in media.

  9. Indeed A big shame on such people n news media as well discrimination of caste n creed if it’s so the world against Islam have faced biggest sin crisis who wanted to stop burkha n all such Islamic related things they have got answer from Our Almighty today whole world is covering theirselves as Islamic way dats like burkha n coving faces like pigs as they say … Shame on u God forgive all such people n give them sense of humanity.

  10. Miss poghat no body knows u till amir khan made movie about your family know it shows how low life is your thinking and braught up i think calling u pig is also an insult to a pig

  11. It is not a new thing for us. We have suffered a lot at the hands of BJP and Godi media.But Change is the law of nature. So everything will change.

  12. Muslim ruled this country fr more than 800 years ..if at all they were so bad toh kab ka scene dusra no they always respctd others nd ruled like real 8 saal mai kitni nafrat phaila rahe hain its unbelevble


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