Bangladesh minister urges India to protect minorities, marginalised groups

Dipu Moni

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Bangladesh Education Minister Dipu Moni on Saturday urged the Indian government to protect minorities. She said that protection of citizens’ fundamental rights will bring peace and sustainability to the country, The Indian Express reported.


Addressing a conclave in Bengaluru, Moni also called for protection of minorities in India, she said, ““For India to emerge as one of the respected global powers, it has to realise the dreams of the founding fathers as enunciated in the Constitution,” Moni said. “Protecting and guaranteeing fundamental rights of citizens can set the stage for India to unleash the potential of its citizens, in particular people belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs and women from all sections of the society.”

she said, “unbiased application of the provisions of the Constitution on freedom of religion and freedom to manage religious affairs can strengthen communal harmony and sustain peace”.

She further stressed on ways to strengthen relations between India and Bangladesh.



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