Be Bold, Mr. Health Minister: “Sex Education” is indeed unhealthy


There is a need of religions and the “Moral Police” coming together against the brigadiers of immorality. If one thing I appreciate about BJP and their sister organizations, it is their attitude towards moral issues. But unfortunately, they do not show enough boldness in taking strong stands. If they assert on these issues, I am sure Islamic organizations will not mind in supporting them

images (1)By Dr Javed Jamil,


 The Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said what must be said without any hesitation about “Sex Education”, the way it is being taught. And as always happens whenever someone talks morailty, he received such a hostile reaction that he had to retract. The same had happened to the Former Health Minister, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad when he spoke against homosexuality. The market dominated system thrives on the uninhibited attraction between men and women, and a large number of industries thrive on this – fashion industry, modelling, garments, films and above all the sex industry, with more than 1 crore “sex workers: in India alone. Not surprisingly, the voices of morality, often derogatorily labelled as “Moral Police” are shouted down by the hooligans of the market. Such has been the aversion in the so-called modern ideologies for religion that any religious connection is rejected altogether. In a country like India where more than 99 pc of the people are deeply religious and subscribe to strict family system, such domination of market sponsored ideologoies has been possible only because the religious institutions belonging to different religions have failed to unite against the vices and the commercialisation of the vices, which is destroying the life and the quality of life in a huge way. In my coming book, “Quranic Paradigmsof Sciences and Society: first volume, “Dynamic Paradigm of Health”, I have commented on the subject of Sex Education as under (written in global perspective):

“The sex education and awareness are the mainstays of the world AIDS control programmes. Almost invariably these educational and awareness programmes describe not about the sexual liaisons that must never be pursued and those that must be avoided, but about how people can fully realise their sexual desires by adopting certain preventive practices. Teenagers are not enlightened about the true nature of sex and reproduction: about the fact that sex must always be enjoyed within the legal and moral boundaries of marriage (or at least the absolute need of loyalty among partners); that one must never venture to have sex before the marriage sanctions it; that premarital and promiscuous liaisons do pose extraordinary risks to society in general and to the vagrant in particular; and that the attempts to normalise sex perversions are fraught with highest dangers. What they are explained in detail instead is how to avoid pregnancy and STDs by artificial means. This almost always means the knowledge about the types of condoms, the ways to properly use them and the ways to possess them. ‘A packet in the pocket’ is what they seem to suggest as the road to safe sex. The sex educationists will not even bother to tell them that condoms have an efficacy of less than 50% in preventing STDs and HIV. Ask one hundred teenagers the questions about condoms. All may have knowledge about their use and efficacy in preventing pregnancies and infections, but hardly a few will talk of their limited usefulness. Thanks to sex education and awareness programmes, these balloons have emerged as gems for wanton youth many of whom think that paradise resides within these balloons. The obvious corollary is that young boys and girls do not miss the single opportunity to have full use of them. Girls are conscious enough to keep packets in their purses lest a lover boy comes their way not having them in his pocket. It would of course be nonsense to wait till he fetches one. Better be safe by having a few themselves! Condoms are if course not the only way to avoid pregnancy or STD. There are fantastic alternatives for avoiding pregnancy……..Girls are also advised that if they happen to conceive, they must not hang back to visit the doctor at the earliest and get liberated from the unwanted burden. This is the age to enjoy, not having an unnecessary responsibility on shoulders. To make education more “effective”, the growing fashion is to impart this “great” sex education right in the schools. Waiting till boys and girls reach the college level would be rather late. What they are not taught in sex education classes, they learn from the media. Their knowledge about sex is more perfect than about anything else. They have been instructed in one way or the other various positions and postures, restrained sex, oral sex, use of body lotions of various kinds, use of various other objects (like ice, petals, wax etc.,) to arouse, sex in rains, tubs, swimming pools, sand, side-huts on beaches and many others. As young inquisitive minds and as students, boys and girls must explore each and every one of these, sooner than later……. Despite all this, as reported above, one third of adolescents catch infection by the time they get into the twenties.”

I apologise for being explicit, as I wanted to give an idea of the vulgarities that are being dispatched in the name of “freedom”.

As I have repeatedly argued in my articles, there is a need of religions and the “Moral Police” coming together against the brigadiers of immorality. If one thing I appreciate about BJP and their sister organizations, it is their attitude towards moral issues. But unfortunately, they do not show enough boldness in taking strong stands. If they assert on these issues, I am sure Islamic organizations will not mind in supporting them. The market forces have to be told in no uncertain terms that religion and religious morality will continue to play a leading role in the country and the sooner they learn to redesign their strategies in accordance with the religious morality the better will be for them.

I will advise the Health Minister to show courage and tell the forces of economics that Health canot be allowed to surrender to the commerce.


* Dr Javed Jamil is a thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”.  He can be contacted at: or 91-8130340339.



  1. Very effective article to support our family values. Indeed ministers need boldness and should never bow to commerce. He has job to protect health of the nation by looking into every aspect of life.

  2. Dr. Jawed Jamil, please use this platform for the upliftment of the community rather than propagating your regressive views in the name of Islam.

    • Safeen Chaudhary,
      Apparently you appear to be a victim of “liberalism” promoted by New World Order. It is not my views which are regressive but the “liberalism’ and the system it represents which is not only regressive but also barbaric and chaotic. In the name of liberalism and freedom of choice, what is being allowed and commercialized to the hilt is every single dangerous practice. The “modern: systems are not health protective but health threatening and provocative of all those practices that kill millions every year. The only one that benefits is the market and the other forces of economics and their minions.

      Islam provides a health protective system and is therefore most advanced and progressive.

      • Mr Jawed,
        You seem to be swayed away by the anti west propaganda of the muslim clergy. Had liberalism been regressive, barbaric and chaotic most of the developed countries which are proponent of this school of thought would have been in chaos. On the contrary the entire muslim world is in chaos, except for those muslim countries like Turkey and UAE which overtly adhere to the liberalism philosophy. Barbarism cannot be better defined by the Karbala war,the Syrian war, ISIS Iraq war or the bombings of mosques and christian churches in Pakistan. The islamists are redefining barbarism and to be honest not without the covert and overt support of the muslims.
        Islam has a solution for everything, but do you have the quality of people for the correct interpretation. I can cite five different views on the Islamic purdah system, on Interest, divorce, remarriage with the same husband and maintenance and plethora of such issues. And above all Islam nowhere bans sex education, ur interpretation regarding it need to be re looked.
        These are views which may be different from yours but with due humility i must admit that I agree with many of your views and respect you as a person.

        • Dear Mr Chaudhary,

          It is an intellectual discourse. Nothing personal about it. But my book, “Muslims Most Civilised, yet not Enough” gives answers to everything you have said. I will just quote here a few paragraphs. The book gives detailed statistics about the claims of the West and unveils how they have failed in making life better despite their huge scientific advancements.

          West can certainly claim that it is the most developed part of the world in terms of scientific and technological advancement, quality of infrastructure within their countries and prosperity and power. Had these attainments resulted in any appreciable freedom from violence, within and abroad, righteousness among people with clear distinction between beneficial and harmful practices and attitudes, respect and loyalty to relationships, value of human life, particularly of the other people, and just and sympathetic behaviour towards smaller nations, West could definitely have also laid its claim to civilisation. But ah! Its economic, political and military power was not only achieved through genuine as well as wrongful ways, it has also misused them with colossal destruction of human lives and desecration peaceful family and personal peace. Within about 200 years, the “stars” of the horizon of Westernism have all degenerated into black holes – Democracy into Corporatocracy, Secularism into negation of religious conscience and morality, “freedom” into license to commit evils and “human rights” into defence of criminals and perverts. Despite its success in achieving prosperity and power, West has been responsible for

          • most of the wars in last century and most of deaths in those wars, consuming more than 160 million lives;
          • most invasions; including colonisations at a massive scale;
          • most attacks on countries including attacks on civilians;
          • the only nuclear attacks made on the surface of the earth;
          • destruction of aborigines in big numbers;
          • most deaths in Muslim countries including more than 1million in the last decade;
          • deaths of at least 500 million foetuses in last 10 and about 1 billion in last 25 years;
          • huge number of murders (about 20 million in last 10 years);
          • rapes (one fourth to one half of women having experienced rapes or attempted rapes) within their countries;
          • huge numbers of alcohol and gambling related deaths (more than 40 million in last 10 years);
          • rising number of deaths related to AIDS; and
          • several million suicides (highest in the world).

          Western system has also led to behaviours leading to total disintegration of family system with

          • up to 50 pc of abortion rates;
          • up to 50 pc children born out of wedlock;
          • at least 30 pc children living in single parent homes; and
          • ever increasing number of gay couples.

          Western system has also been responsible for
          • huge increase in business related to sex, alcohol, gambling and organised violence; with huge destructive effects on health, family and society;
          • maximum damage to environment, causing massive damage to health;
          • maximum economic disparity within the countries and among the countries;
          • monopolisation of world resources; and
          • stockpiling of weapons of massive destruction.

          Can anybody deny these facts? How can then West make even any claim to civilisation?

          However, I will again repeat, it is not the Western people who are primarily responsible for it. They are as good and bad as any people can be on the surface of the earth. Like all people, they too become the victims of the designs of the few who tend to reign and rule the countries, societies and communities. Like all the people most of the time they have failed to realise what their masters are up to. Like all the people, one day will come, hopefully sooner than later, when they will realise the vices of the system that has brought havoc in their lives and the lives of their brothers and sisters in rest of the humankind. Hopefully they will rise to the occasion and challenge the system that has claimed to give them certain prosperity but has ravished peace, has claimed to give them freedom but through this freedom has made them addicts of dangerous practices and attitudes and has made them perpetual captives of their ever increasing material needs.”

          I would suggest you read the book, as it gives international data abourt all kinds of violence — terror, wars, civil wars, murders, rapes, suicides and other aspects of life: prostitution, pornography, promiscuity, alcohol, gambling, life expectancy, literacy rate, per capita income, abortions, children living with single parents, and what not.

  3. Dr. Harshvardhan is saying right, but the problem in this country is that when someone offered suggestion on social issues, fool people stared puling his or her leg by counting many non sense excuses. Sex education to kids is just an another weapon to destroy their health instead giving them right moral education. Right moral education is the only hope for this country where rapes, aids, molestation, suicides etc increasing on daily basis apart from so many other problems. Dr. Harshvardhan is absolutely right & he can take most valuables & authenticated contents from ‘Islam’ to solve these problems.


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