Being religious means being human first

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Patna : Janmashtami and Muharram procession on road.

 Arfina Khanam

It is said “ The only way you can conquer God is through LOVE and there He is gladly conquered ” . If the God can be approached with love , why the human lives to be put on risk. The celebrations like Dahi Handi during Janmashtami and Maatam during Muharram ; such are kind of unprotected  ways of celebration  where the destruction is largely showcased rather tradition. The constitution has given equal right to worship and independency of completing formalities of traditions & rituals ; this is the grandeur of our constitution where mental freedom can be felt and claimed for the right cause. But no laws are made in this world , which motivate any religion towards life destruction. We fear the symbolic meaning of terrorism, it costs life loss, it costs risk and danger ; then why we do not feel the same fear behind these traditions , why we vilipend the order of Supreme Court if the laws are to be imposed for better prospect and safeguard.


Janmashathmi and Muharram as one of the supreme celebrations in our country are purely dedicated to celebrate the birth of the Lord and to pay tribute to the Islamic martyrs. Although , rituals are beautifully placed at home by worshipping as well as praying. Nevertheless, the theme of these days has now taken a shape of risky tradition which is a high concern for all. The message of these celebration does  not wear  a humane look over it, it stops the common public from going out of their shelter, it damages the road map laden with overcrowd where we cannot breathe as normal days. Apart from that, the critical part of these occasions we cannot ensure safety from stampede and people conflict over matki- play  or procession.

Moreover, the simple tradition takes place as worst celebration and the troublesome making of such activities knot the festival in a tight rope of competition. The Order of Supreme Court is not strictly followed while the Dahi Handi to be enjoyed , the order of our highness is disobeyed at the time of Muharram procession as well. The activities must be stopped which gives birth to the physical damage along with mental uneasiness. Each festival is vowed to spread friendship among each other. The religious traditions are like ideal teachings, are made to be followed for another generation ; then we must avoid by delivering a wrong message to our next- gen. The youth should learn, being religious means being human and we as human being are bounded to guide our people with the right tradition that makes the upcoming  heart and mind sensible to conquer  God through love & compassion lessening trend of risk & loss.

Ways are open, choice is ours ; whether to live a life under the  guiding laws or to be lost in destructive ways. Let us have a flawless effect of any celebration in the name of festival , we should have a safe celebration within the nation ; so that the people from outside must be invited to enjoy Indian festival because of its pious ethics our religion is known for.


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