Bengal’s culture of religious unity a matter of envy for many: Mamata

Bengal's culture of religious unity a matter of envy for many: Mamata

Kolkata : On the occasion of Eid ul-Fitr, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called for unity between the Hindus and Muslims, and said “isolation policy” was not good.

While attending the special Namaz prayer at Kolkata’s Red Road, the chief minister did not miss the opportunity to take jibes at the BJP. She said that West Bengal‘s culture of unity among different religions was a matter of envy for many and, especially, for those who are trying to divide the country on communal grounds.

“Many are jealous of the culture of unity in West Bengal. The spirit of unity that exists in West Bengal is rare. Politics to create division in the country is going on. This is not good for the country. But we will have to remain united and work together. Some people are spreading falsehood to create tension among Hindus and Muslims. We will have to resist them together,” the chief minister said at the gathering.

She also said that she would not bow down to the attempts of creating rift among the different religions. “We have to remain united at this crucial juncture. I appeal to all of you not to become victims of communal instigation,” the chief minister said.

Several times in the recent past, Mamata Banerjee, without naming the BJP, has alleged that a section of the people “are trying to disturb the culture of peace and harmony in the state by circulating fake videos”.

“I request you to have faith in me. I am determined to remove those who are trying to destroy the culture of peace and harmony in the country,” the chief minister said.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister attacked the Centre directly for “interfering in the internal affairs of the state”.

“An attempt is being made to destroy the federal and democratic structure of the country,” she said.— IANS


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