Bihar government’s big victory in Supreme Court, caste-based census not stopped

Cast census

By Muslim Mirror

On Friday, the Supreme Court declined to take up the petitions brought up in opposition to the state government’s proposal to carry out a caste-based census.


In response to several petitions contesting the Bihar government’s plan to conduct caste-based censuses throughout the state, the Supreme Court instructed the petitioners to file their cases with the appropriate High Court.

“How can we issue these instructions as to how much quota should be allocated to a certain caste?,” the Supreme Court asked in reference to the Public Interest Litigation (PIL), which it referred to as a publicity interest.

The judges ruled that we are not permitted to make such orders.
“There is no way to consider these submissions. All of the petitions are to be classified as withdrawn,”the panel ruled.

“This freedom comes with the option to take the proper action.”

A caste-based census is being conducted by the Bihar government, and the first phase will run from January 7 to January 21.

In this regard, three different petitions have been submitted. The Supreme Court was petitioned on this matter by the “Hindu Sena” and a resident of the Nalanda area, who asked for the annulment of the Bihar government’s notification from June 6, 2022.

The Bihar administration is relieved by the Supreme Court’s ruling as the first round of the caste-based census closes on January 21. On April 1, the second phase will begin. It is important to remember that the Bihar government has set a deadline of May 31 for finishing the caste-based census.


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