BJP begins unmasking its real face by initiating “saffronisation” of text books


imagesBy Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent,

New Delhi:  As expected, the new BJP government at the Center has started unmasking its real face by initiating “Saffronisation”   programme of text books in the garb of protecting the ancient heritage.  The new Human Resources Development Minister Smriti Irani, who was in news for wrong reason after assuming the charge, wants introducing the Hindu perspective in the education system.  Sources said she has asked her ministry officials to develop educational material that encapsulates the contribution of ancient Indians in different fields like science, mathematics, social sciences, philosophy, grammar and language. It is also learnt that the ministry is planning to set up a committee to study the ancient Hindu texts, Vedas, Upanishads and other epics to select relevant material for teaching. She brought this up during detailed interactions with senior bureaucrats in the past two days. She also articulated her desire to preserve the ancient culture and heritage of the country, sources said. This is being seen as an attempt by the government to push through the RSS’ educational revamp agenda.

It to be recalled that a group of eminent academics and intellectuals had demanded last year for setting up a national commission  for  evaluating  and vetting  textbooks in Social Sciences and Humanities to check the increasing “Saffronisation” of textbooks in Karnataka and other states. For example, a story in Karnataka text book inserted narrating pledge of tiger as it says he will never eat the flesh of cow.

Historians Romila Thapar, Mushirul Hasan, former West Bengal Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi, JNU’s Dr Zoya Hasan, Director CSDS Rajeev Bhargava, senior journalist B G Verghese, playwright and actor Girish Karnad had said in a statement that “Various distortions of fact, interpretation and emphasis have crept into certain history and social science textbooks in Karnataka and other states that contain elements of “Saffronisation” and valorisation of specific regional heroes, ethnic identities and faith-based communities in a manner that do not do justice to or even denigrate others. This has happened in Maharashtra, Punjab and elsewhere (as cited by the CABE Committee of 2005 on non-governmental text books taught in private schools, chaired by Prof Zoya Hasan), and others.

 Now the BJP got absolute majority in the Lower House, academics fear that it will pursue the Saffronisation agenda with much vigor as it had tried to do during its earlier rule in late nineties.


  1. Any religious-teaching in school text books is big no for a Govt. One can talk about religions as a history in school books,but religious preachings/eulogisation are shame “IF” implemented.

    • We do not want to create Hindu Madrasas in our temples of science. Do not we already know madrasas have single handedly destroyed almost entire muslim community by employing religious preachings in their curriculum?

  2. sir,with all due respect. I agree with certain parts of your article. But there are things you must understand.Hinduism is not a religion.Its a way of life being carried out since 50000 years or more.Its as ancient as the chinese way of life.Taoism.Now when we talk about Vedas.These are ancient scientific texts.With little or no mention of any particular religious beleif.Now religious beliefs may differ.In theBhagwad Gita,its explicitly mentioned that,People may have different modes of religious beliefs and worship,but God/Allah is truly one and that Dahrma (eternalduty) and Karma(eternal deedS) are same for all people irrespective of their modes of worship.I agree certain people might misuse Hinduism and spread hatred against other communities.But this is not allowed in Hinduism.Its allowed to follow any religion,since all religions have same duties. as of Hindutva,we need to get our stand corrected in this manner.Hindutva is that all religions are equal.The objection people have about it is that it calls people of all religions staying in india as Hindus,since india is may call yourself bhartiya or indian.hindutva doesnt of vedas they are purely science.and there is saffron element to it.Arab countries have strict attendance to madrassa in cirriculum. thats coz thats their ancient way of life. but vedas are truly and purely scientific with no religious shade attatched to it

    • Sir, with all due respect, please market your myths about Hinduism somewhere else. I respect your decision to teach Hindu texts in your ancient land. But sir, please stop calling the country ‘Secular’ from now on. It will be best described as a Hindu country with non Hindu minorities. As far as the subject matter of Vedas is concerned, it is pure irrationality and anti-science.

    • Vedas blah blah are scientific…What shoddy apologists are you…if it was scientific…Where is the electricity towers, mobiles, aircrafts, industries of that era…Do not tell me that evidence of those are buried deep in earth since people have gone more than 1 OK deep and did not find iota of evidence…There is no documentation which can prove what you claim as true vedas is true. Vedas are as useless a scientific document as say a quoran or hadiths. Get out of is a mental disease which forces you to defend the indefensible.

  3. Hare Krishna, Please accept my humble obeisances.

    There is nothing wrong in teaching our children about spirituality and GOD, But arrangements should be made that each individual can learn about GOD in a peaceful environment. Knowledge from other scriptures such as the Holy Quran, Old and new testament etc. should also be included.

    In name of secularism we are creating a non-God centred society, secularism means that everyone can study and follow His religion nicely.

    Vedas like other scriptures are full of para( spiritual) and apara ( material) knowledge.

    If you have any comments or questions please write to me at –

    Yours in service of Supreme Personality of Godhead,
    Deepesh Baghel

  4. They are on wrong track, actually teach children these kind of material will spoil there future in long term.


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