BJP is issuing license for slaughter houses to the people belonging to RSS


M M Special Correspondent

Chandigarh: Recently Haryana’s senate member and opposition leader Ajay Singh Chautala slammed Khattar government for their binary standard towards the beef ban, as on the one hand, they are issuing license of slaughter houses to the people belonging to RSS and providing them facilities  while on the other they advocate the beef ban policy.


He also criticized that the BJP government for destroying the moral values they taught to others.

Chautala also cited the recent example of village Jaspur, Panchkula where despite the heavy opposition from adjacent panchayats Khattar government facilitated their allies for setting up a slaughterhouse. Basically, the owner belongs to the Sangh Parivar.

However, he assured that INLD will resist the establishment of the slaughterhouse in Village Jaspur and construct a temple on the empty allotted space.


  1. This was one of the main plans by the devious RSS all along !
    Robbing off livelihood of poor Muslims and prevent them from becoming independent and exporting beef, and then slyly transferring these licences to the extreme Hindutva gang to make profit from the poor illiterate Muslim butchers and milk-herds.
    They don’t really care of gau-mata. The fact remains that the biggest international Indian beef-exporters are Hindutva RSS family.

  2. Instead of whining and complaining Muslim should come up with some policy and strategy. In constituencies where Muslims are in position to be deciders there are 20 Muslim candidates and people dividing their votes amongst them. Look at the case of Allahabad election where a Muslim criminal get close to 50k votes. Had BJP won we would have blamed Hindus for being communal ignoring their own action. Muslims too are excessively communal in most cases. Fix yourself instead of expecting others to fix things for you.


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