BJP leader murders friend in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra

L-R: Victim Naveen Verma, assailant Tinku Bhargav and his aide [Source: Jagran]

By Muslim Mirror Staff

A leader of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) beheaded his friend who was also a worker of the Hindu extremist party in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra town on Thursday night.

The killer identified as Tinku Bhargava was arrested in the wee hours of Friday when he, with the help of another man, was looking for a place to dump the severed head and body of the victim named Naveen Verma near the forested Sikandra Arsena area on the outskirts of the town.

Police said that Bhargava called Verma on Thursday evening to join a liquor party. He later shot him dead and then allegedly severed his head. ”The assailants severed the victim’s head and also stripped him to prevent his identification,” said a senior police official in Agra on Friday.

Bhargava had allegedly been having an affair with the victim’s wife and wanted to eliminate him. SSP Satya Narayan was quoted by Hindi news outlet, Jagran, as saying, “During questioning, the murder accused confessed that he had been going to Naveen’s [victim’s] house for years.”


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