BJP, MIM and the tales of two headquarters


By M M Special Correspondent

New Delhi : “Is this the BJP office or my office? Every party worker should think this is my office,” said PM Modi, a few days ago while inaugurating Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) new headquarters at Deendayal Upadhyaya Marg, outside Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone in Delhi.


Built over 1.70 lac square feet, the BJP office is bigger than that of any other party in the world.

MIM was founded and shaped by Nawab Mahmood Nawaz Khan Qiledar of Hyderabad State with the ‘advice’ of Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan, the Nizam of Hyderabad and in the presence of Ulma-e-Mashaeqeen in 1927 as a pro-Nizam party. At that time it was only ‘Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen’ (MIM) and the first meeting of MIM was held in the house of Nawab Mahmood Nawaz Khan on November 12, 1927. In 1938, Bahadur Yar Jung was elected ‘president’ of the MIM which back then had a ‘cultural’ and religious manifesto. After the death of Bahadur Yar Jang in 1944, Qasim Rizvi was elected as the leader.

Nawab Bahadur Yar Jung

Owing to police action in 1948, Rizvi was arrested and released a decade later in 1957, on the condition that he would migrate to Pakistan within 24 hours of his release. Moments before leaving India, Rizvi and other MIM leaders called an urgent meeting  at the residence of a lawyer so that the legal aspects could be taken care off.

In an article in the Deccan Chronicle, historian Mohammed Noorduddin Khan writes, “Abdul Wahed Owaisi (Asaduddin’s grandfather) wasn’t even associated with the Majlis at that time and was just there out of curiosity. He was the youngest among those present at that meeting.”

Khan says Rizvi disclosed at the meeting that he was leaving for Pakistan and wondered whether anyone was interested in taking over the reins of the Majlis. Everyone present there said that they were getting on in age and wanted someone younger to take over. It was then Abdul Wahed Owaisi, who stepped forward and said he was willing to head the organization. Nawab Mir Khader Ali Khan Abul-Ulai proposed Owaisi’s name and Rizvi seconded it. Interestingly, Abdul Wahed Owaisi was nowhere connected to MIM at that moment.

Abdul Wahed added ‘AI’ or All-India, to ‘MIM’, which from thereon has remained the family’s fiefdom of Owaisi. There is no denying that the Owaisis feel embarrassed about the party’s provenance and have tried to recast its history through selective omissions.

MIM was founded in 1927 but Darussalam- the headquarters of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) was built with personal wealth of Nawab Bahadur Yar Jung and his wife in 1940s. Facing paucity of funds, he also had to appeal to the community to donate, for the construction of Darussalam.

It is interesting to note that Congress was founded in 1885 and its first president was W.C. Bonnerjee. After 34 years Motilal Nehru became its president in 1919. Similarly Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen was founded by Nawab Mahmood Nawaz Khan in 1927 in Hyderabad and Abdul Wahid Owaisi took over it in 1958. Initially neither Nehru’s nor Owaisis were remotely attached with the above two organizations. Now these two organizations have turned into ‘personal properties’ of two families. This is how Dravidian theory works.

Today AIMIM is celebrating its 60th anniversary but the MIM web site itself says the ‘Majlis was founded in late 1920s’ and after almost a decade of inactivity, the Majlis was revived in 1958 by Maulvi Abdul Wahed Owaisi’.

So on what ground Owaisi is celebrating 60th Anniversary of MIM today?  In fact, now Owaisis are trying to rewrite the history of MIM without its founders and claiming as if MIM was founded by Abdul Wahed Owaisi in 1958. Owaisi brothers are trying to get all credits of MIM without giving any credit to its founders and Darussalam.

Putting on skull cap, Sherwani and quoting Quranic verses in speeches can’t make someone honest and sincere. Occupying properties of community is a much bigger sin than land grabbing of individuals . BJP and RSS people are much more honest, sincere and committed to their ideology than the so called ‘Naqeeb-e-Millat’.



  1. MM special correspondent article shows the easy way to get MIM head quarter, did not mentioned a single hardship that MIM faced and even didn’t mentioned the word police action. Without naming the special correspondent wrote the article in Muslim Mirror, soon after few days this article will be published in Hyderabad local daily referring to Muslim Mirror news. What are the intentions behind this article, who are people involved ?, are they really getting afraid of the rise of MIM and its leadership at all India level.

    AIMIM is a political party and had done a lot in Hyderabad and all the section of people are getting benefits from their works, be it education, healthcare, banking, social work and many more.

    Name any political party who established themselves with this much large scale infrastructure, which are giving benefits to all section of people in multi tasking, multi environment, multi purpose, multi culture and multi benefiting track record work from ground zero.

    What makes others stopping in doing the work, which MIM is doing and they just remain the critics of MIM nothing else ?

    Unfortunately, the author didn’t find anything good about MIM and owaisi brothers.

    May I please request Muslim Mirror to publish any such article without doing research about the truth and the intentions behind this type of articles, be it levelling the political scores or critcs may be using Muslim mirror as easy tool to misused Muslim Mirror platform.

    I am neither a member nor the bakth of MIM but a frequent reader of Muslim Mirror with the aim and views as unbiased media source.

    I have to rethink about my views if MM continue to publish such useless articles with not research involved.

    Thanks for giving me the space to input my views independently.

      • Dear Khan,

        Who is he ? What made him hide behind he name special correspondent ? If he really have a point, why the correspondent use this site, why not the local wevsite in Hyderabad itself ?, where he got the direct answer from the party itself.

        This proves that special correspondent is exposed ? He was using one site and copying it on local web site, whose intentions are clear to level the scores nothing else.

        • MIM is an active political party. Past few years it has been in the forefront of many issues. Since the advent of social & electronic media it has become more prominent & vibrant.
          Asad owaisi is a regular guest at panel discussions of major TV channels.

          The job that is expected from MIM is getting delivered. They are the voice of muslim minority & today no sane person can say its an unheard voice.

          As a poltical outfit they are entitled to a functioning office. Owaisi bros have not converted dar us salam into their residence so why all this crying by the not so soecial but invisible correspondent of Doubtful Muslim Mirror.
          Non-Muslim mirror should once look into mirror itself.

  2. Chronologically there was Majlis Itihad up Muslimeen Andhra Pradesh, when Qasim Rizvi was incarcerated in Chanchalguda in Bibi Nagar murder case.
    When he was released he approached the officer bearers of MIMAP, wanted them to adopt the same old policies of MIM and refusal to do so he went to others including Owisi sahab, a small time lawyer related Agha Dawood sahab custodian of Agha Pura Darya.
    The younger Owisi father of Assad, Akbar and Burbank was then a class 7 or 8 student of Madrasa Aliya. A dunce at studies, but with powerful resonating voice he jumped into politics mesmerizing the disillusioned Hyderabadi Muslims with rhetorics of past glories.Father and son galvanized the old city Muslims with their fiery speeches and won over 40 seats in municipal elections. Deccan Chronicle the leading English Newspaper carried a screaming banner page one headline. “Razakars capture Hyderabad.Municipal Corporation.”
    From here started the spiral rise of MIM at the cost of polarizing Hindu-Muslims of Hyderabad and along with it came accounted wealth as Sultan Salauddin who got himself the title of Salar(Commander) would be weighed in silver, gold and currency on occasion of his birthdays.
    Today his progeny, sarcastically called the Owisi Brothers live in sheer luxury in huge palatial bungalows,drive in high end cars, while thousands of their voters still live in substandard conditions.
    Yes it is a fact that MIM has several educational, professional schools, colleges and hospitals to their credit, but again at the expense of charging heavy capitation FEE.

    • Mim is not in power. The people responsible for poverty of old city residents, many of who are MIM voters are the state & central governments.

      Mim has only one seat at lok sabha & 5 seats at vidhan.
      If you Mr.Syed Qamar or MUSLIM MIRROR or anyone else want to say that cos old city votes for MIM, They do not deserve development schemes & funds & can be deprived of all possible rights… then please stop calling India a DEMOCRACY.

      You guys are helping the various PMs, CMs & other Anti-Muslim tyrants in their savagery.

  3. Regardless of the past, muslims are concerned about who’s echoing their needs and injustices against them on the floor of the parliament. Muslims see Owaisi hell bent about working for the rights of muslims. Because of them and comparing with them muslims realized that their representatives in all other parties are puppets enjoying their own life in the name of muslims faces in the so called secular parties.

  4. Salam Br MM Correspondent,
    I’m an avid reader of MM from US.
    I wish you could have mentioned the history in the article and not be judgemental.
    It feels you are paid by either Congress or anti-owaisi party to ruin their image rather than present the history. I would request Muslim Mirror to reconsider publishing articles of this nature that looks “paid for” and maintain it’s dignity.
    I personally don’t belong to any party but your article showed a lot of hatred towards owaisi family and it’s not good for a dignified journal to publish articles based on assumptions and hearsay.
    With all the weaknesses in the MIM party, Asaduddin owaisi has done a fantastic job in parliament that no one can deny. if you have a better alternative personality or party, you have right to bring forth but spewing hatred has not helped you.
    I wish you best and may Allah grant us all better leadership and unity among Muslims.
    I love your website that’s why I thought I mention my humble opinion.

  5. In these days of Ummah dividing on trivial issues, and downgrading conditions of Ummah that nobody wants to rely on other, Thank fully we have good leaders and a party that is comparably better than the collective moral condition of ummah here as of now. Commenting upon MIM is like commenting upon the people who support them. So start writing articles which potray the bad side of Ummah living here. Okay…..keep this job until qiyamah…..and there will be great reward in hereafter life.

  6. My main contention is that MIM is a family fiefdom with some influence in the old city of Hyderbad where MIM activists almost function as a mafia.I also understand that the Owisies do not allow any other Muslim organization to function in the city unless it pays tribute to them.They harass,intimidate and even use their close connection with the police to terrorise people who do not subscribe to their views.Both the Oweisi brothers may deliver fire and brimstone speeches but that is for internal consumption and may work hand in glove with even BJP to defeat secular forces.So it is nothing surprising if MIM tries to rewrite its history.No organization worth its salt can be called democratic unless it conducts regular election allows internal criticism and paves way for other people come to leadership.

    • Dear Professor P Koya, Are you a professor ? if yes than without research and homework, you will not give even passing marks, who do not provide facts and evidences, if student write directly conclusion of the assignment ?

      Dear professor, you are still believing this even in 21st century India, where RTI, social media and digital India is at its peak.

      Being a human Owaisi brothers may have 1000 bad habits in them and their party will not performing upto the expectations of the intellectual class, but please visit and look at their work at on ground level and then express your views.

      Blaming MIM as hand in glove, with BJP to defeat secular forces? Please don’t forget what secular forces has done and how much damage they made to the Muslims in all aspects. The rise of BJP is due to MIM ? the present position of BJP is due to MIM ?, No my dear it is all because of the so called secular forces, who allows and make the way to BJP to reach this level. People who believes in so called secularism are found the scapegoat in the form of MIM, to hide their own drawbacks, weakness and inability to stand firmly against the communal forces.

      The present condition of so called secular forces are that they are willing stand along with BJP but feeling ashamed of being calling themselves as secular ? please rethink about yourself being a secular ?

      • Dear Mr Zameer,Sorry you have not answered the points I have raised.I have visited Hyderabad many times before and my observations are on the basis of ground realities.The Oweisi brothers keep MIM as family fiefdom and do not allow internal democracy and some times do not allow other Muslim organization even to function.You may objectively study the role played by them in MH and Bihar elections and the “great services” they rendered when certain innocent youths were taken in to custody by the police after the Makkah Masjid blasts.Please also study the way the crisis in Majlis was solved couple of years ago.You need not be a prof to do all these.Thank you.

  7. Dear Mr. Koya, You are absolutely right one don’t need to be a prof. to made a general remarks or to put forward an opinion. I am not a spokesperson of MIM to answer your queries, but my findings are different than yours, with a reason that many small Muslim organisations are working under one umbrella of United Muslim Front, whereas in democracy you cannot convenience all, all are having equal rights , may certainly fight for their rights, none will stop them.

    Regarding your point, MIM taking part in MH, UP and Bihar elections, their vision is different than yours, for you may be thinking that MIM is working for BJP to divide secular votes, but for MIM is different, you are questioning MIM for contesting in fews seats but the so called secular forces do not have any answer for their own failures. Even so called secular forces do not have answer to their failure in the states like Gujarat, Tripura and other states, where so called secular forces failed miserably in their own performance, where MIM have not participated. These so called Secular forces should not look for the scapegoat about their failure but must do their own introspection and should look into their own lines, there may be RSS moles are working with them and result in failure own election winning strategy.

  8. Well said Mr. Zameer.

    A question to the Muslim population & politicians of MH, UP, BIHAR, karnataka… with such big muslim populations in your states why did u ever not select a muslim leader & form your a party which has Muslim interests as its heart. Like Assam, J& K, kerala, Hyderabad.
    Do so first. Complain if MIM enters the fray after you are visible on ground & working..

  9. No professor Koya, we will still fight each other on the basis of sects and caste, to prove ourselves as most Secular than one another, where we already missed the bus of development, education and progress. We will be called communal, when we raise the issues, concerning our own rights for development and progress.

    If Owaisi is communal and extremely bad person than do you have any alternative?

    Do you have any answer ? not for me and Hyder but your own next generation?


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