BJP MP mentions goodness of cow urine, wants to know if research being done

Meenakshi Lekhi

New Delhi : BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi mentioned in the Lok Sabha a case about an official who got cured of a “serious” illness after consuming cow urine as medicine, and asked if the government was encouraging any research on the medicinal properties that can be derived from cattle.

New Delhi MP Lekhi had a starred question to Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday related to the quality of milk products of Delhi Milk Scheme (DMS). However, she went on a different track altogether, and discussed the goodness of bovine by-products including cow urine and lamented how the “ancient science” had disappeared.


Lekhi mentioned a case where a person who was a “former ASD” was taken seriously ill, and was cured after he consumed cow urine as medicine.

She said the “ancient science” of the country has disappeared and asked if the government is planning to commission research on the medicinal science related to cattle.

Minister Radha Mohan Singh in reply said under the “Rashtriya gomang Utpadak Mission”, a centre was being established in Karnal, Haryana.

Lekhi then said that the humus content in soil is coming down due to which it converts into dust which is a threat to health. The MP said cow dung can be used as fertiliser and also suggested using cow waste for methane production.

She also asked if the government has any plans of using cow dung for increasing humus content of soil.

Singh said the government is concerned about the environment, but added that the main question was focused on quality of milk products of DMS.

This prompted Speaker Sumitra Mahajan to say on a lighter note that it was the minister’s skill that he could answer unrelated questions.

Mahajan however added that MPs are not reading the question.

“I am sad that MPs are not reading the questions, even those who ask the question do not read it,” she said.



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