BJP MP Pratap Simha threatens to demolish ‘dome-shaped’ bus shelters in Mysuru

BJP MP threatens to demolish 'dome-shaped' bus shelters in Mysuru

MYSURU : BJP MP representing the Mysuru-Kodagu Lok Sabha constituency, Pratap Simha, triggered a row on Monday after he issued a warning to the authorities to bring down dome-shaped bus shelters.

Simha threatened that if the concerned engineers fail to do so, he would himself bring a bulldozer and raze them as they look like mosques.


Speaking at a public function in Mysuru, Simha slammed the construction of the dome-shaped bus shelters in the limits of Krishnaraja Assembly constituency in Mysuru.

“If there is a big dome structure with two small domes on either side, it is considered a mosque. I have given three to four days’ deadline to the concerned engineers to demolish the structures,” Simha stated.

“If they don’t demolish them, I will take a JCB myself and bring them down,” he added.

“Let us strive towards the development of Mysuru. The kings of Mysuru have passed on a legacy. The administration should work respecting that. All structures should symbolise ‘bhakthi’ towards goddesses Chamundeshwari,” Simha said.

Photos of the bus shelters have gone viral on social media. — IANS



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