BJP starts saffronising education in Karnataka by discrediting Tipu Sultan


BENGALURU : After the hijab row and the ban on Muslim traders nearby Hindu temples, the Karnataka government is all set to revise school textbooks and delete some ‘sensitive’ chapters, including the glorification of Tipu Sultan.

Rohith Chakrathirtha-headed Textbook Revise Committee of the state government has submitted its report, highly placed sources in the government confirmed. The sources said the government is all set to make the changes in the school textbooks.


Earlier, the students were taught that ‘other religions came into existence due to drawbacks of Vaidika (Hindu) religion’ which had led to a huge controversy in the state. The controversial lesson was taught to the students of Class 6.

The Rohith Chakrathirtha committee has now revised the Class 6 to 10 textbooks of the Social Science subject. Chakrathirtha is regarded as a right wing thinker and the Opposition Congress had described his appointment by the ruling BJP as an attempt to ‘saffronise’ education.

According to sources, the committee has included lessons on the Ahom dynasty, which ruled Northeast India for 600 years, the Karkota dynasty, which ruled many parts of north India and the lessons on Kashmir history also included. There is also a lesson on the controversial Baba Budangiri and Dattapeeth.

Sources said that lessons on Kashmir and Bababudangiri as well as Dattapeeth are likely to stir controversy in the state. Baba Budangiri as well as Dattapeeth have been flash points between the Hindus and Muslims in Karnataka.

Sources also explained that the committee has dropped the parts which glorified Mysuru king Tipu Sultan. But, a lesson on him is retained as it has historical significance.

The committee was formed by the ruling BJP government in 2017 to look into the issue of some aspects which hurt the Hindu sentiments in Social Science Part 1 and also examined other such sensitive aspects till Class 10.

Sources confirmed that the government has accepted the revised syllabus and had given green signal for publication of these books for the academic year 2022-23.

B.C. Nagesh, Minister for Education, stated that the report in this regard has been received. The department has consented for revision of textbooks as per the suggestion of the committee. More details would be given later, he said.

The Class 6 social science book contained lessons which said drawbacks in the ‘Vaidika Dharma’ led to the birth of other religions in India. It was also taught that during ‘Yagnas’ animals, which were used for agriculture, were sacrificed and as foodgrains were burnt during the religious rituals, there was a shortage of food. The issue created huge controversy in Karnataka and it was alleged that the lessons promoted anti-Hindu sentiments. — IANS


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