BJP victory emboldens communal elements, demand to ban on loudspeakers and Azan in mosques grows up


14101906588_16e712e6d0_oBy Muslim Mirror News,

Mumbai: Emboldened by the BJP’s victory in the just concluded general elections, a far right group is demanding ban on loudspeakers in mosques in Thane district of Maharashtra. Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) organized a protest for this purpose. They prepared many big hoardings calling Hindus to unite for the cause of banning loudspeakers in mosques and asking them to gather outside Thane (W) railway station on Saturday. During the program they also obtained signatures from the attendees below a memorandum which they later on served to the district police official. The program was attended not only by the HJS members but also by the leaders and members of VHP and Bajrang Dal units of Thane who uninterruptedly provoked people against the religious rituals of Muslims. Ajay Sambhavat, spokesperson of HJS incited the feelings of Hindus by saying that why were they not allowed running loudspeakers after10 pm during Ganesh Chatrvarti  and Navratri festivals  while  Muslims are allowed its use in their daily morning prayer.

In neighboring state Karnataka also a little known Hindtuva outfit raised the ante against “azan, saying it should be banned across the country.  Rashtriya Hindu Andolan in the coastal city of the state Mangalore has held a protest demonstration in front of the Deputy Commissioner office.  Activists of the Sangh Parivar’s other affiliates also gathered at the spot and raised provocative slogans against the minority community.  The day when election results were declared, a group of inebriated BJP hooligans attacked two Mosques in separate places of the adjoining South Kannda district.


  1. Loud speakers should be banned both in Temples as well as Mosques. They are major disturbance for people. Ones religious practices should never be disturbance for general public.

  2. Islam ko rokne walo ko Allah ne fana kar diye lekin Islam ko aaj tak kisi ne na rok saka hai aur na rok payega………..!

    • islam is great,
      people of islam is truth, faithfully, friendly,
      because islam teach how to live in this world.
      check it out……………….
      do good to be good…..always………


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