Calls mount to ban on movie portraying Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin as hero


By Muslim Mirror Staff

Various politicians, film personalities and activists have called for a ban on a movie titled “Why I Killed Gandhi” that is set to be released on 30 January on OTT Platform in India.


Indian Cine Workers Association (ICWA) has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking a “complete ban” on the movie. “This movie glorifies Nathuram Godse the traitor and killer of the father of nation Mahatma Gandhiji,” the letter said.

“Nathuram Godse is (the Traitor and Assassin of Gandhiji) doesn’t deserve an inch of respect by anyone in this country, the actor who played the role of Nathuram Godse (the traitor and the killer of Gandhiji) is a sitting MP in Lok Sabha and is under the oath of Indian Constitution, if this movie releases the entire nation will be shocked and devastated by the display of the heinous crime which occurred on January 30, 1948,” it said.

It is noteworthy that the role of Godse has been played in the movie by actor and Nationalist Congress Party MP Amol Kolhe.

Apart from ICWA, Congress leader Nana Patole has also penned a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray demanding a ban on the movie.

“On one hand, Gandhiji’s death anniversary is observed for non-violence and peace. On the other hand, ‘Why I killed Gandhi’ is being released. This will give strength to racist tendencies,” Patole’s letter said.


  1. Godse’s side must be head and the people left to judge. No one is a holy cow. Gandhi was a great human being and his personal credentials notwithstanding, his political side is not untainted. His inability to use his skills to protect Hindus from Muslim zealots and the creation of a caricature state called Pakistan cannot be brushed under the carpet. Godse killed one man but he did so, because he believed the blood of scores of innocent Hindus can be laid on Gandhi’s door. Right or Wrong, his defence in court was so convincing that the judge himself conceded that had the people in that court been the jury, the erdict would be “Not Guilty” unanimously, even as he handed down the death penalty which was executed as per law. The Nehruvian-Leftist attempt to suppress that defence speech is too well known. About time it was released for all to see

  2. High time true story of Nathuram Godse is made known to the people of India and I hope this movie has done that successfully. According to Muslim Mirror Staff, RESPECT that could be described in terms of inches if not yards galore, be reserved for Gandhiji who was known the world over as the half-naked fakir; for whatever Nathuram Godse did was in the larger interests of the Hindus and by no means for his own self-aggrandizement

  3. This is being made the ground work for replacing Godse the killer of Mahatama Gandhi as the Father of Nation by Modis BJP sanatani Hindutva party and also to justify that why the RSS never took part in the freedom struggle.


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