Can’t grow beard on religious ground in armed forces: SC


muslimmirror-comNew Delhi : The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a plea by two IAF personnel seeking to grow beard, saying IAF’s policies on personal appearance were not intended to discriminate against religious beliefs.

Rejecting the plea by Mohamed Zubair and Ansari Aaftab Ahmed, Chief Justice T.S. Thakur, Justice D.Y. Chandrachud and Justice L. Nageswara Rao said: “Regulation and policies in regard to personal appearances are not intended to discriminate against religious beliefs nor do they have the affect of doing so.


“Their (regulation and policies) object and purpose is to ensure uniformity, cohesiveness, discipline and order which are indispensable to the air force as indeed to every armed force,” the ruling said.

Zubair had challenged the rejection by the Indian Air Force (IAF) of his request for growing beard on religious ground as he was a Muslim.

Zubair had applied for permission to sport a beard on January 10, 2005 and the same was rejected by the Commanding Officer the next month.—IANS


  1. Not He was a Muslim. But is a Muslim.
    Why Sikhs are allowed ??????????????

    Muslims must stay away from the Jobs interfere with Islam.
    Next they will say you cannot, Pray, you cannot fast.
    Go & join the Armies in a Muslim Country. If you like Army life.

    • Sikhs are allowed because it is mandatory to keep beard in Sikh religion. However, it is not so in Islam or any other religion for that matter.
      I think supreme court has given correct decision.

  2. Alright agreed with the SC double standards.

    Now, SC kindly shave all the SIKHs who are just 4% of INDIA’s population.

    SC ask your self why SIKH looks so ugly when they wear turban and grow beard in the AF?

  3. If is really mandatory for Sikhs to keep beard then why most of them nowadays are not sporting beard. Okay now if a Sikh is not having beard would the supreme court allowed him to work in our army, navy and air force because if he is not following what is compulsory in his religion, then technically he is not Sikh. Common enough of double standards ,really alarming the sanghi mindset is rust our Judiciary and police.


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