Case filed against Kargil activist for tweeting over anti-Muslim violence in Tripura

Sajjad Kargili [Photo: Facebook]

Instead of preventing me from writing tweets, attempts should be made to stop the rioters in Tripura, he said

By Hasan Akram


The Ladakh Police have registered a case against activist Sajjad Kargili over his tweet on anti-Muslim violence in Tripura. They have invoked Section 107 and 151 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against him.

Kargili was issued a show-cause notice on 29 October and was asked to attend the Police Station, Kargil on 30 October. The notice said that the content of his tweet may pose a big threat to tourists coming from different parts of the country, particularly the members of Hindus and Buddhists, who are in minority in Kargil district.

He visited the police station and was produced before the magistrate in Kargil on 30 October at night. The magistrate released and called him to his office on 2 November. Today, his lawyer visited his office and submitted his wakalatnama, Kargili told this correspondent.

Reacting to the development, he said, “This is a baseless allegation. Instead of preventing me from writing tweets, attempts should be made to stop the rioters in Tripura,” he said.

“I just condemned incidents of violence reported by Maktoob Media, Hindustan Times and other national media outlets. Will we have to take permission to express our grief over attacks against our fellow citizens? Is it a sin?” he asked.

He further criticised the federal government and accused it of suppressing free speech in Ladakh.

“Before 5 August [2019 when Article 370 was abrogated], we were told that we were facing discrimination. So, we [government] are giving you the status of Union Territory. Ladakh will be given all its rights but now merely speaking for fellow citizens are causing such a reaction. It is sad,” he added.

Kargili, who contested the 2019 parliamentary election from Ladakh, had said in a tweet on 27 October that Muslims were being targeted by Hindutva mobs in Tripura. “…Their houses, mosques are being vandalised and burned,” he wrote. “Strongly condemn these non stop attacks on Muslims in Tripura.”



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