Caught on camera: Amethi Police plant firearm in Gulzar Ahmad’s shop


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: A team of police has been caught on camera planting an illegal firearm in Gulzar Ahmad’s hardware shop at Badal Garh village in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi district. Ahmed said the police carried out the act in order to frame him in a fake case.

The act was recorded in CCTV cameras installed in the shop. In a video clip that has gone viral on social media, a constable accompanies by other cops is seen planting something in his shop. After that, he tries to nab him but he let him go when he tells him about the CCTV camera.


Ahmad said that after planting the firearm in his shop, the cop said, ”you are involved in an illegal business.” After listening to his accusation, Ahmad told him that two CCTV cameras has been installed in the shop and that his act has been recorded.

Later, the cops also exerted pressure on him to delete the footage, he said while speaking to Navbharat Times.

According to the CCTV footage, the incident took place on 16 March at around 8 pm.


  1. The saffron-clad sadhu is roaming in Delhi trying to save his chair even as the state he rules slipping into anarchy. If this is the Ram Raj, then I certainly abhor the archaic idea. But if all these will be remembered!

  2. It is so shocking if they police whose job is to protect r planting illigal weapon and the entire india aftet knowing the truth is still sleeping. Then out country has allready restrooms


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