Chandrakanta K Mathur elected as new president of Women’s Chamber of Commerce


By Special Correspondent

New Delhi: Dr. Chandrakanta K Mathur has been elected  the president of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce (WCC). Elated over her election, Dr Mathur said she feel  humbled and honored to be the President for 2021 of one of the best women’s business organization.


“It’s been an honor to be part of the Women’s Chamber of Commerce for several years now, and I’m excited and humbled to be the President for 2021 of one of the best women’s business organization”, she said.

In a message to the members and community stakeholders, she said,  “we have many new opportunities planned for you to expand your professional networks and build powerful and long-lasting relationships”.

She further noted that, “There’s a saying that says the days are long, but the years are short. Every WCC president comes into her role with many ideas and initiatives, but in a blink, the year is over.  Knowing this, we’ve kicked off this year with an aggressive start, building on many of the ideas of the immediate past president, including:

  • Continue to understand the unique needs of women as professionals, individuals, and entrepreneurs
  • Creating new tangible value-added benefits to WCC members
  • Expanding our outreach to serve the entire county, where members and future members are
  • Increasing the WCC membership to ensure stable growth and a bright and prosperous future”

She exudes confidence that the women’s chambers has  the tools and talent to help to empower individuals and their organizations.

Growing our organization to the next level is vital to our success and I know working together we can become a great support system for each other and for our country also and help to further build long-lasting relationships and for a better future, she added with emphasis.

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