China-Russia used high-power microwaves on US officials: US Report

By Haider Abbas

When it came to light that China has used ‘microwaves’ against Indian soldiers during the conflict at Ladakh in June 2020, India rubbished the news and the whole issue was put under the carpet. The India government officially discarded it by saying that “Some international news portals have published misleading headlines and reported baseless claims related to India-China border stand-off in Ladakh,” the Press Information Bureau tweeted. “This claims is fake, ADGPI [Additional Directorate General of Public Information] has clarified that no such incident has taken place. Beware of such misinformation,” reported DNAIndia on November 18, 2020.

India debunked the event but now a stunning report has come from US that China did use Directed Pulse Radio Frequency Energy against US! A report published by on December 5, 2020  has disclosed that the US officials as well as their families at its embassies in Havana, Cuba in 2016 and also at its consulate at Guangzhou in China had suddenly fallen ill and had suffered from a range of ‘unusual-and in some cases suddenly occurring-symptoms such as a perceived loud noise, ear pain, intense head pressure or vibration, dizziness, visual problems, and cognitive difficulties, and many still continue to experience these or other health problems’.

It took US by an alarm and an investigation was undertaken to find out the real causes for such illnesses,  as it was quite unbecoming that even the family members had been taken-up by such grave ailments. The US initiative was to seek for the best possible medical steps for preventing and also for its the prospective treatment, and hence, the U.S. Department of State asked the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine was engaged, which finally has submitted a report based on 64 pages.

What has come out from the report is something ‘more than astonishing’ as the committee did also probe keeping into context, if US officials were subjected to directed pulsed radio frequency energy, chemical exposures, infectious diseases such as Zika, and psychological issues? And yes, the answer is in affirmative, as the possibilities have not been ruled-out. The committee, according to report,  accessed patients to have been suffering from ‘perceived clicking sound within the head even when the ears were covered, a perceived force/pressure sensation within the head and on the face, perceived spatial localization and directionality of these perceived phenomena and other loud sounds, hearing loss, tinnitus, impaired gait and loss of balance, as well as the absence of heating sensation and absence of observed disruption of electronic devices in the immediate environment. In addition, many of the chronic, nonspecific symptoms are also consistent with known Radio Frequency effects, such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, cognitive deficits, and memory loss’.

 Another report which also gravely signals towards the use of such technology, even by Russia was published in NPR.Org on October 27, 2020, which claims that a CIA top official Marc Polymeropoulos had to cancel his tour from Moscow in 2017 as he was bogged down by ‘incredible vertigo, dizziness and had tinnitus ringing in (his) ears.’ By 2018 he was diagnosed of ‘occipital neuralgia’, which is a condition in which the nerves running through the scalp are injured or inflamed. He suffered from what is called as Havana Syndrome in diplomatic parlance.

The most startling fact which the report conveys is that the target was tracked through his mobile phone location, and those involved in espionage usually possess diplomatic-passports and yet they have been targeted by China and Russia which by all standards in also a red-alert for India too, as the exercise of such technology can leave a person redundant forever.  India is also on a high alert and has given a go for the purchase of weapons for 50,000 crore from emergency financial powers from both local and foreign sources to enhance its stockings of weapons and ammunition for an intense 15- days war.

There are already reports that army is keeping-to-the-front under deep snowfall as it is expected that any time a war may break-out. Indian army chief is touring for the first time, UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where an India military contingent may be deployed soon, but KSA may also seek Indian support in Yemen which will surely be a difficult moment for India’s PM Narendra Modi. Let’s see how India situates itself to this ‘technological threat’ from China and also towards its new policy in Middle-East where Israel, a great friend of India, is calling the shots.

It is also time to see how US President elect Joseph Biden is all set to put Middle-East into a new order, (read in favour of Israel) and also as to how likely to tame the dragon after India has become a part of BECA with US.


The writer is a former State Information Commissioner, India. He is a media analyst and writes on international politics.


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