Citizens for Democracy appeals to voters defeat communal and authoritarian forces


volunteer-together-unity1-640x480By Muslim Mirror News,

New Delhi: Citizens for Democracy has appealed to voters to defeat communal and authoritarian forces as its views with grave concern certain declarations which have been included by the BJP in its election manifesto released recently.  Such programmes like construction of Ram Mandir, scrapping of article 370 of the Constitution and revision of N-doctrine are divisive and are not in public interest.

The campaign for ‘Ram Janambhoomi’  launched by  BJP was its first major assault on Indian democracy leading to demolition of Babri Masjid   in December 1992, and giving rise to feeling of resentment and insecurity in the Muslim Community. The demolition has also afforded a pretext to international terrorist organizations  to interfere and expand their terrorist activities in India. Now the BJP is again trying to stoke to same fire.  In a multi-religious country like India democracy can subsist only on the basis of the policy of inclusiveness and brotherhood said in statement on Wednesday by its General Secretary N.D. Pancholi.

He reminded that in 1998, as soon as the BJP coalition government was formed, its first act was to launch a programme to have nuclear weapons claiming that it would ensure the security of India, but this act in fact has enhanced India’s insecurity.  With its very limited nuclear weapons, India is rapidly becoming a puppet state of the U.S.A., while Pakistan was also forced to acquire nuclear weapons. This has led to the fearful prospect of the possibility of Jehadi groups or rougue generals in Pakistan getting control of the nu-clear weapons.   In this process, the continuous huge expenditure in acquiring and maintaining nuclear weapons has diminished Indian resources for reducing mass poverty and unemployment –thus adversely affecting the process of economic development.

Now BJP’s  intention expressed in its  manifesto to revise the ‘No-First Use’ of nuclear weapons will  further add to tensions in  international relations  and  would expose Indian people to uncertain dangerous situations, while cost of  maintaining  and manufacturing nu-clear weapons would  add to economic pauperization of the Indian masses.

So far as political opportunism and corruption is concerned, other political parties are also do not have a better record. But the manner in which RSS has come out openly in support of the BJP is a serious cause of concern- for RSS has a definite and proclaimed ideology which is not in tune with our constitutional principles of inclusiveness. The manner in which the BJP campaign is going on with huge amount of money and massive propaganda appear to be a calculated step to bring India under authoritarian rule to serve corporate interests. The rule of a communalist party like BJP can never benefit our country.    Therefore in such a situation it has become necessary to prevent BJP-RSS combine from coming into power in order to save democracy and Indian constitution.

“We, therefore, appeal to the voters to vote for such a candidate  in their constituency   who cherishes democratic and  secular values and who is in a better position  to ensure the defeat of BJP-RSS alliance,” the statement said.



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