Rabiya Saifi gang-rape and murder case; Family indicates role of Lajpat Nagar DM office

By Hasan Akram

New Delhi: Rabiya Saifi, a civil defence officer associated with the office of Lajpat Nagar District Magistrate, was brutally murdered after allegedly being gang-raped in the national capital on 26 August. Her family members alleged that her both breasts were cut, her neck was slit and private parts were mutilated. Apart from that, there were several cut marks across her body.

The police say a man identified as Nizamuddin has surrendered in connection with Rabiya’s murder. The man has claimed that he is her husband and killed her wife near Surajkund Pali Road, Faridabad, Haryana. An FIR has been lodged at Surajkund Police Station in this regard.

But the family does not approve the police version. They say functionaries of the Lajpat Nagar DM office may be involved in her murder because she was aware of corrupt activities being done at the premises.

Her father Samid Ahmad said that Rabiya had told him and her mother about a secret lock-up inside the DM office, where crores of rupees were kept. She had said that 3-4 lakh rupees used to come every day [allegedly through corrupt means].

The conduct of the police in connection with this case has also strengthened their doubt. According to her cousin Monis Saifi, the police are not helping the family and no one from the DM’s office have visited them so far.

Commenting on the surrendered man’s murder confession, Monis said, ”This is a conspiracy to defame her and give a different angle to the case.”

He said there is no evidence of her marriage with the aforementioned Nizamuddin or anyone else. In the past seven days, the police have also failed to provide any proof of their marriage, he added while speaking to Muslim Mirror.

He said the man surrendered to the police on 26 August. Ideally, the police should have presented him in the court the next day and sought his remand but they did not do so for the first eight days. ”When courts can be opened at night then why remand cannot be taken in one day for the sake of justice?” he asked.

Rabiya had reportedly studied at Jamia Millia Islamia. Her family lives in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi.

Leaders from various parties including AIMIM Delhi president Kaleem ul Hafeez have visited the victim’s family. A protest was held in Sangam Vihar to seek justice for her. Moreover, protests and candles light vigils have been organised at some other places too.

98 thoughts on “Rabiya Saifi gang-rape and murder case; Family indicates role of Lajpat Nagar DM office

        1. Seriously, getting angry,severe punishment should give for them,otherwise cut the legs n hands for them,every minute they should die…

        2. Yes, do everything so that man should fear to think anything Wicked against women. They should suffer and die, it should happen immediately, not after 7 years. Death should be given publicly .

        1. Rather than condemning it, are you supporting this brutal act of murder..??? Shame on you. What if this happened to ur family or your loved ones..??? . Grow up man

        2. If you cannot handle these “few” rascals then why are you [who you support] ruling India. In Saudi (and the countries where sharia is followed) if something like this happens then that man’s head will be cut of publicly. Then who will have the gut to even see a woman immodestly. Don’t defend these shameful acts by justifying other things.

        3. People would have love to leave this fascist turned bloody country if possible. If only there is a way to leave. You low life don’t have to remind about what people nowadays desire.

          1. India’s so called slogan BETI PADHAO BETI BACHAO aaj India ki families beti padha to rhi h lekin Government beti ko bacha nhi pa rhi
            Salute to Indian government. Ab India m ek gun holder civil officer bhi safe nhi h.

            India’s so called slogan BETI PADHAO BETI BACHAO (Educate daughters save daughters) today the citizens of India are educating the girl child but the government is just FAIL to save girls. Salute to Indian government. In 2021 a gun holder civil officer is not safe in India.

        4. Incidents shows that no one is safe currently in BJP era. And Police administration is the main culprit in all such acts.

        5. Do U know the meaning of Rape Sex, No you dont , do you think your family Womens are safe if yes either you have political connections orr you are one on them, you too love raping girls and watch and see womens abusing news and enjoy them. Shame on you men if you people carry such thoughts what about animals. Think before you say something atleast support people who either face this or raise voice agsinst such inhumanity.
          Got it otherwise i know better ways to teach you… Mcbc.

      1. Actually you know what…the whole responsibility of our Country is being handed over to someone who is eligible, responsible, deserving, non communalist, educated and not a bloody idiot…i.e in other words just opposite to our dear P.M….we might then consider our (India as safe)…. Atleast we could have hopes of proper punishments to the bloody Rapists and more than they deserves…and Atleast they must think 10 times before raping a girl…#justice4Rabiya..

      1. Actually you know what…Untill and unless the responsibility of our whole country is being handed to someone else who is perfectly eligible, responsible, deserving, non communalist, educated and not a bloody idiot..i.e totally opposite to our current dear P.M….we might consider then (India as safe). And maybe that time all the bloody Rapists be given proper punishments more than they deserves. Atleast we could hope for this…..but this time there’s no hope everything is Dark and Dark and Dark…

    1. Agree…the sheer depravity of the rapists is appalling to say the least. Horrific rapes happens routinely across the nation. At least Delhi, being the capital of India, should set the mark for safety of women.

  1. Shame and utter shame and this news is not appearing in national media and no one is bothered about a muslim sister. Allah swt forgive us to be a silent spectator and Allah swt save muslim women from such attrocities.

      1. You force them to do so. Being a Muslim, every Muslim have experienced the injustice given to them for just being a muslim.

          1. Only andh bhakts mentored by BJPee IT cell share this perception. You are nobody to give directions to others as to what to eat or wear or go.

    1. Not only Muslim women brother. May Allah swt protect all women and children. May Allah swt protect the entire humanity and punish all those demons who are lurking with evil and sinister intentions amidst us.

  2. We live in a Barbaric country, like in the middle ages!
    Our heads hang in shame, that, such crimes are being perpetuated esp. against a particular Minority!

    1. No need to put religious angle, these attrocities happen with other religion female also. Whoever did this should be given the strictest punishment, thats the need of the hour

      1. It’s OBC and Muslims who face the oppression in BJPs bharat, manuvaadi mentality. BJP works only with the religious angle and you can go on denying it, infact you stand with them.

    2. Hey Jayant.stop giving this a religious angle. It’s a fellow human being that has been killed brutally. You are the ppl who clash other ppl in the name of religion. Let’s fight for the justice and not bang our heads in the name of religion.

    3. Aagya religion ke naam pe bkchodi krne acha nirbhaya, priyanka reddy ye bhi muslim thi wah aur 30 crore minority to nhi hoti 🙄

    4. o wow… so much crime against minority?? having seen pakistan or any other country to see how minority been thrashed , you feel blessed to born in india.

      1. Ye harr chezz me saale religion daal dete h …. Fir bhokte h . HINDU TERROR …Inn ko itni dikkat h .. , They ,should leave India …
        feel free to go in Afghanistan, Syria …

    5. Bhaiyon n beheno . Please let’s not give this a communal angle and blame the govt ( Delhi is ruled by AAP btw) . A sister of our own great nation has been brutally murdered and she should be brought to justice. Let’s focus on apprehending the perpetrators than act like uncivilised fools and start blaming the country in which we are eating and feeding our parents and children. This is not communal . I would like to see the demand for justice comments of anyone vehementing out such hatered for fellow sisters like Priyanka and Nirbhaya and several others who have suffered the same fate since ages. In the end I would like to bring to notice that if u want a change then be the change u want to see . Co trip and educate your own sons husbands not to commit such crimes against woman . Peace to all . Cheers

  3. The gang should be given the punishment of hanging… In india there are many rape cases but only few got punishment of hanging they all get bail and go out of jail…this should be stopped and they should get a proper punishment… We have to give justice for them ….india Is not safe for girls Indian government should take a very strict and serve action on these fucking members who raped an innocent girl … We need justice …#justiceforsabiya #weneedjustice

    1. You are right…….they have to take action against every crime cases especially the rape cases so the next anyone think about making a crime, they should fear about the punishment and to stop ruining their own country’s name

    2. No they shouldn’t get hanged , neither their private parts should be cutoff and it should be shown nakedly to the media , so the others whose wants to commit this will fear, and their families should be marked before community for raising such bastards..this will result in good parenting( it’s all a duty of parents to raise a child in a good way. They to have a part of their children’s wrong doings:). Those who got punished as said, after they should be jailed for a year and get tortured, after that in before people they should be hanged without their last wish. When punishment becomes terrible there arises a good society, some may say we are Arabs or Koreans to give such punishments for them, who raise their voice according to their fittest they should be jailed for a year. When these happens our nation will be safest country for any type of women around the world.

  4. This is a shameful incident for the national capital.
    How do these demons sleep at night.
    National media is always busy on useless topics but social media will fight for truth.

  5. Hypocrites media shows concern about safety of Afghan women

    And what’s happening with our women in this country is not a matter of concern at all for our media
    They do not show gang rapes news in their channel


    She was DelhiPolice officer as well Who else is safe in Delhi where officers themselves are being victim of such inhuman and brutal crime!

    Raise Your Voice for Rabia She is also as same as everyone’s daughter/sister Justice For Sabiya Saifi!

    1. This is the truth.., the government and all of the politicians are monsters who only care about themselves and money

      1. God save India……shame on delhi police….now even lady police officers are not safe …..cant belive such an horror act of killing ….shame on humanity …… Make an final Law of beheading heads next day who rape and murderers…like the law of saudia arabia……

    2. There is no point of bringing any religion is any kind of rapes bcz the ball is in the court of feminism.(feminism has no religion)
      It’s not govt fault,it’s all based on our fault and loop holes in the Indian law,As far as we remain silent on this kind of loop holes the crime rate will increase automatically
      We need to fight against those loop holes and fill the gap
      Once the gap gets filled we can live happily with out fear

  6. It is very shameful and dejected incident took in delhi and govt should involve with priority on this tragedy ans support to Rabiya saifi Family.

    People are fearing to follow the rights. Devil habit keep on increasing and good people are not servive with this devil people. Government should make special team to clean this devil people who don’t have any mercy and should take immediate action on this case and sould punished to culprit and should not repeat this in future.

    Day by day loosing trust on media because they focusing on those incident only they can earn more benefits.

    I pray to Allah every one should be live with safe and happy because everyone are important in there life.

  7. Shame on indian police, government ,and corrupt politicians worried about other countries but no justice in their own country .shame ful incident if rabia is not safe then no one is safe in india

  8. torture those culprits to death. I am extremely sorry Sabiya, we failed you and so many others. You shall get justice. Is this world even worth living ?

  9. Yea sharam ki bath hai k aaj b hamari maa bahene beti save nahe hai degital india..
    Sabiya k rapist ko mouth ki saza honi chahea ta k koie or na kar sake or koie na paida ho rapist….

  10. This place India is full of people with black heart … Each and every single human is responsible for what is happening to not only females but males and also what we made happened .. It has became the very common fact of rape, murders or corruption further some people will came and involve in that particular either to cover the truth or to open it but dominating factor will always take the side of demons .
    I don’t know what gonna happen after few years about our safety or anything but this will never end never ever.
    The only thing is when this going to happen to one of our close ones then only we’ll realise the importance of loosing someone and the ending of humanity too.

  11. I don’t how these bastards sleeps at night, this is coz of the Indian justice system which is so weak n corrupted… These pimp media will not cover this news, coz they r sold…..

  12. ya allah in gunah garon ko sirf pur sirf kadi se kadi saza tuhi desaktha hai ye meri dua hai ya allah sabia beben ke ghar salon ko unke baghair jeeneke liye madad kar ameen

  13. These fucking Moron of a government are useless piece of filth yes that’s what they are..! A girl is gangraped, brutally murdered and mutilated and they can’t find the perpetrators. Find the perpetrators and make an example out of them so no one will ever fucking dare do such a thing..!

    1. Policing is under the central government headed by the Home Ministry. Better educate yourself first and then join intellectual discussions or debates.

  14. Shame on all of us as we are letting this happen in our country.
    Everyday we are hearing these stories but no action to correct this.
    Educated girls are an asset for our country and look at the way we are treating them.

  15. National media are pet dogs of the government. And as well as delhi police shame on you for only you are responsible for safety of the national capital and you are doing a horrible job at it monsters

    1. It’s a very shameful incident for Lajpat Nagar DM
      Sir do you really suit for your job think for yourself and look into your chilrens eyes that if such incident had happened with then would you be really so quite



  18. why can’t we add Saudi Rule In India. Once we punish one man like we will have to cut his private part as a punishment of a rape no one will dare to think to rape a girl. wat government is doing we don’t knw… so will have to add this law do that rape cases will get decrese.

  19. it is very shameful for Delhi police, still such kind of brutal gang rape is going , immediately they must catch the real culprit and hang them till death instead of blaming innocent person

  20. no one will surrender after doing this its just to hide the culprits. as she know all the illegal activities going on it was necessary to shut her down so this was all planed and our media is worried about afghan women…..first learn to defend your sisters. afghan womens are atleast safe they will not be rape. and in INDIA ITS BECOMING COMMON DAY BY DAY. huge round of applauds to indian government what a great job….HATS OFF

  21. Indian rules must be changed. In my opinion only encounter is the panishment to criminals.which is the only way of justice for all sabiya’s

  22. The Punishment for rape and aggravated assault should be Death by Firing Squad and Public flogging with 1000 lashes. The IPC needs to amended accordingly. Forensic evidence along with sole victim testimony should be considered enough evidence.

  23. Justices for Rabiya Saifi, #JusticsForRabiyaSaifi, Delhi is not safe for girls/women. We demand justics for Rabiya Saifi.

  24. Shame on humanity….please make law of saudia arabiya for who rapes.and murderes………in saudia not even a case of rape and murder cases are also less in the world …….even lady police officers are not safe in India…god save our i dia now….

  25. What is happening in India?? We are no more safe here! Where is the law and Justice? What the hell the Govt. is doing?

  26. Whoever behind this brutal crime must be punished by cutting their legs,hands & genitals and leave them free. Do not waste money to feed them in Jail. This punishment must set an example for other Criminals.

  27. Beti k bacchao …un k Izzat k bhi bachao ..un k maan maryada k bhi bachao…un pr hamla krne wale beasts se bhi un k bachao…jis jagha ek Aurat yani Maa yani Devi Surakhsit nhi h wahan pr Kisi bhi zaat aur nasal k panapne k kabhi mauqa nhi mile g.

  28. Punish this bullshit mens..police dont waste your time to feed the brutal criminals…cut their heads at publicly and others will fear to do the brutal like this anymore..

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