Come together to make India a world leader: ‘Super 30’ founder

Anand Kumar

New York : Anand Kumar, the founder of ‘Super 30’, on Monday urged Indians to come together to make the country a world leader.

Speaking at the India Day parade at Madison Square in New York, Kumar said: “Now, we all should come together to help India achieve its old status of world leader in the field of knowledge.”


“India always has had a rich legacy in the field of education and we must contribute to see our country world leader in this knowledge era,” he added.

The Federation of Indian Association (FIA), an organisation of about five lakh Indians, has been organising the parade since 1981 to represent India’s progress and unity.

Kumar was invited to the parade in recognition of his extraordinary work through his ‘Super 30’ initiative.

Kumar started the ‘Super 30’ programme in 2002 under his Ramanujam Institute of Mathematics, which selects 30 meritorious candidates each year from economically disadvantaged sections of society and trains them free of cost for admission to the prestigious IITs.

Students from poor families who get into ‘Super 30’ have to undergo 16-hour daily study routine for a year. Coaching, food and accommodation are free for these students.

So far, 396 students from ‘Super 30’ have made it to IITs.



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