Thasra (Gujarat) violence: Video shows Hindutva goons start stone pelting on Masjid


By Muslim Mirror Staff

A recent religious procession, locally known as “Shobhayatra,” in Thasra, Gujarat, took a violent turn, when a Hindu procession allegedly entered a Muslim locality and shouted anti-Muslim slogans and pelted stones on mosques.

A video of the incident went viral on social media, raising concerns over media bias and communal tensions in the region.


The incident highlights a growing pattern where Hindu organizations organize processions, particularly through Muslim neighborhoods, often resulting in provocative actions.

The procession commenced from a specific location on September 15, 2023, and tensions quickly escalated. Hindu participants, as part of the procession, gathered near mosques, madrasas, and dargahs, playing loud music and engaging in slogans and gestures. Despite these provocative acts, the Muslim community largely maintained peace.

However, when Muslims attempted to respond or protect their religious sites, reports suggest that clashes occurred.

Disturbingly, mainstream media outlets have faced allegations of biased reporting, focusing primarily on Muslim reactions while downplaying or misrepresenting the actions of Hindu participants.

Additionally, there have been allegations of police registering false cases against Muslim individuals, leading to harsh legal actions against them.

This alarming trend has been ongoing for the past decade, with the public, government, and opposition parties seemingly turning a blind eye to the discrimination and injustice faced by the Muslim community.

To address this concerning situation, there are calls for the administration to take strict legal action against the organizers of such processions in case violence erupts. Implementing stringent laws against those responsible could help curb these incidents and maintain peace.

However, some believe that the government’s reluctance to take such measures may contribute to the continuation of these communal tensions.


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