Congress demands apology from PM for showing doctored video by BJP


modi_rss_20130624By MM Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: The main opposition Congress party on Friday has expressed grave concern that the RSS and Sangh Parivar outfits and the BJP are trying to fit their square ideology into the circular ideology of the nation which is characterized by an essentially Anti Dalit, Anti Progress and Anti Youth mindset. It also alleged that the Government, whose leaders were frequently indulging in violence of words against the Dalit, Poor and Youth, has now resorted to violence of deeds against the Students of India.


In a statement, Party Spokesperson and MP Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi said when the “Love Jihad” and the “Review of reservation” propaganda failed, as displayed by the Bihar elections, the RSS is now trying this new ploy of masking their bigoted ideology into Nationalism and trying to somehow fit its ideology into the minds of the people through repression and coercion.

He said it is for the first time since 1989, that the youth and students of India are being treated as experimental guinea pigs in the RSS/BJP laboratory of divisiveness by pitting one against the other.

But raising Nationalism as a bogey to repress students and gag campuses is totally unacceptable to the polity of this nation.


1. February 15: BJP MLA O P Sharma attacked students and journalists outside Patiala House court promises.

2. February 15: Lawyers and ABVP goons attacked journalists, including many female journalists too.

3. February 15: BJP leader from Haryana Jawahar Yadav terms protesting female students in Universities as “call girls” and “prostitutes”

4. February 17: In total affront to the entire judicial system of the country, goon BJP lawyers attacked journalists within court premises. This followed by an attack on Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNUSU President under police custody.

A National Spokesperson of the ruling party- and by extension- the Government and the PM himself, showed a doctored video on National Television (Times Now and NewsX), to provide “clinching evidence” against protesting students. It comes out now through another video aired by National TV channels (ABP News and India Today), that the purported video was doctored, wherein words were replaced. The students were shouting slogans demanding Freedom (Azadi) from Feudal forces (Samantvaad), Freedom from Hunger, Freedom from poverty and Freedom from Sanghvad (RSS ideology)! Are these slogans anti India? Do these slogans make people chanting them, Anti National?

We wonder who amongst us does not want Freedom from Feudalism, Hunger and Poverty. Does that make all of us Anti National? Singhvi asked.

He demanded that the PM comes out clear on the authenticity of the video shown by his Party’s Spokesperson and apologize to the Nation and ensure action against its propagator Spokesperson.

Similarly, the advocate identified on National TV as the person assaulting journalists and students on two different days, instead of being arrested is being felicitated with garlands with pictures appearing in the media.? Even as is pictures openly assaulting Students and Journalists played out in a loop on National TV, the Government dragged its feet in registering an FIR against “unknown people”. Isn’t it only because he is a closely associated with the RSS and is friendly with Ministers in this Government?


  1. BJP,RSS, ABVP spreading morphed & fake videos of JNU on SM & MSM .. Concocted Audios of slogans by mob are superimposed on videos shown as JNU students….Unfortunately by design these morphed clips are shown by National TV channels defaming JNU & student community. JNU campus students politics are hijacked by BJP/RSS/ ABVP for hindutva politics and Hindu vote bank..This Modi led BJP govt. lack governance & development zeal , instead relied heavily on divisive , communal , emotional issues like Love Jihad,Conversions, beef ban and now rake up pseudo nationalism & patriotism to appease its Hindu votes bank …Anti Muslim BJP now become Anti India , Anti people BJP… RSS/ BJP is sure nose dive soon.. BJP/RSS is getting exposed to its core


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