Cops ask Muslim men to have sex with each other, make derogatory remarks agst Prophet Muhammad


By Hasan Akram

Two Muslim men were allegedly tortured, asked to have sex with each other and threatened to be sent to Afghanistan. The men identified as Mohammad Arzoo and Mohammad Aurangzeb said that at least seven cops were involved in the incident that took place at Kadma police station in Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur district on 26 August.

They said the policemen hurled anti-Muslim slurs and also made derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad.


”When I told them my name is Mohammad Aurangzeb then they said, Mohammad has died and so has Aurangzeb,” Aurangzeb said while speaking to Muslim Mirror.

The two men have submitted a letter with their complaint to Senior Superintendent of Police, East Singhbhum, M Tamil Vanan.

The police have not converted their complaint into FIR. So, a case has been filed in the district court in connection with the same, Aftab Alam, an activist associated with Jharkhand Ekta Morcha, told Muslim Mirror.

The duo were called to the police station for questioning after a man and woman eloped. The police have lodged a kidnapping case against the man.

Their medical report at MGM Hospital, generated at 2 am on August 27, stated “alleged case of assault”. They were prescribed medicines. Aurangzeb was recommended a CT scan of the brain.


  1. Bring everything down to religion and earn solidarirty. Thats the business of a few poeple. Same with the news paper publishing such content. The name of the portal itself is based on religion..Shame!!!

  2. What can you expect from police these days.They are the new age goons hired to perform the highest form of extortion,murder,rape everything you find in a criminal.Look at the Delhi riots where they killed several Muslims by brutally beating the innocent men, look at the recent Sabiya Saifi case where they are the directly involved in the Brutal murder,Rape and they did so to cover the money Laundering and fraud they were commuting in Lajpat Nagar.Indians should be proud we have such people who took out a protest since they wanted to protest against the arrest of a pedophile but they were glorified here.Its a sad state of affairs the whole country has gone to dogs.


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