Coronation ceremony of Sajid Ali  Munna: Baba Ghulam Mohammad Jaula was my second father, says Naresh Tikait

'Rasm Pagdi' of Sajid Ali  Munna.

By Special Correspondent

Jaula (Budhana) Muzaffarnagar: Thousands of people, including community, religious and political leaders gathered in Budhana’s Jaula village on the occasion of coronation ceremony (‘rasam pagdi’)  of Sajid Ali Munna, the  eldest son of legendary farmers  leader Haji Ghulam Mohammad Jaula. Jola, who passed away on 16 May, remained a renowned figure espousing Hindu-Muslim unity throughout his life along with Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Mahendra Singh Tikait.

“I will not contest any election from now, will work for communal harmony and development of the region,” declared Sajid Ali Munna, soon after his coronation.

Baba Ghulam Mohammad Jaula was considered the late Tikait’s right-hand man in the BKU. Interestingly Baba Ghulam Mohammad Jaula added  ‘Allahu Akbar’ to the slogan ‘Har Har Mahadev’. The two, together, became the most potent slogan of BKU.

“Jaula Sahab  was  my second  father… in his death  I lost my  father. Baba Ghulam Jaula and my father late Mahendra Singh Tikait worked together in all movements,” said  BKU chief Naresh Tikait while addressing the gathering.

Ghulam Mohammad Jaula  was epitome of Hindu–Muslim unity. He was not only a Kisan leader but a great Sufi, said former parliamentarian Harendra Singh Malik. He added that the infamous Muzaffarnagar riots took place only because  Mahendra Singh Tikait was not there and Ghulam Muhammad was left alone and helpless. “There is certainly need of Ghulam Mohammad Jaula…The village has to throw a leader like him again to protect and advance the farmers’ interest,” he added.

Ghulam Mohammad Jaula was not an ordinary person,  such people are born in centuries. Jaula Sahab put the name of this village on the map of India, said Iqra Hasan, sister of Kairana  MLA Nahid Hasan.

Echoing her sentiment, former MLA Imran Masoud said that Ghulam Mohammad Jaula was not a person; he was a  movement, an institution of communal harmony. He added that the best homage to Ghulam Mohammad Jaula would be to carry forward his legacy.

Throwing light on late stalwart’s personality, Pramod Tyagi district president of  Samajwadi Party said: “Whatever may be the circumstances, I never saw any sign of  hopelessness on the face of Baba Haji Ghulam Mohammad Jola sb. He was a man of great courage.

Those present in the meeting were Hafeez Sherdin, Rashid Azeem, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Yameen, Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad , Fazlur Rehman , former Minister Yograj Singh, Nawab Ahmed Kokab, Rao Waris ex MLA, Pramod Tyagi district president SP, Athar Pradhan, Thakur Purna Singh, Dr V M Singh, Vinay Ratna of  Bhim Army, Advocate Kalan, Advocate Gurez, Zeeshan Ahmed and Abdul Sattar among others.

Hazrat Mufti Azad presided over the meeting.


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