“Daleel” radio talk: Rj Umar’s attempt to promote Kashmiri language and culture


By Basharat Rashid

Pulwama: A radio jockey from South Kashmir has taken a new initiative to promote the Kashmir language, literature and culture throughout the world by means of a radio talk.


The idea to to promote the Kashmir’s regional language and culture flashed his mind “after witnessing its decline each passing day here.”

Umar Nisar, a 20-year-old radio jockey from Check area of Noorpora in Awantipora Kashmir, started this initiative just to promote the Kashmir valley, on national and int’l level through the online radio talk titled as “Daleel”.

Umar said that the motive to start “Daleel” show in a radio programme titled as Mic with Nilesha Mishra, is to give recognition to Kashmir, its culture, literature and language.

He said that the show is all about story telling but in Kashmiri language, ‘which may boost it in each and every part of the country and other parts of world.’ .

“The show ‘Daleel’ literally means story or we can say storytelling in Kashmiri. Being a Kashmiri, i must promote my mother tongue to other parts of world to end stigma of talking Kashmiri outside the state,” Umar said, adding that every Kashmiri should prefer to talk in his/her own language, ‘no matter where is he/she.’

The young Umar has recently started this show with Nilesh Mishra and has choosen many interesting topics mostly related to Kashmiri culture for it.

The show as per Umar is being watched in many countries of the world, due to which he “has been working hard to make this programme very common” among the masses

He believed that such shows may help in promoting the Kashmir & its aspects globally, following which one can proudly talk and introduce Kashmir in each and every place of world.

“No attempts to pomote our own mother tongue were being taken, which flashed my mind. I did take the initiative to show door for others, who can promote Kashmiri language and culture as per their own capabilities. The culture of blushing while speaking Kashmiri outside must end now,” Umar added.

Umar is doing this show with a well known journalist and a storyteller Nilesh Mishra, who according to Umar is keen Kashmir lover and is himself interesting in knowing about the stories of Kashmir.

Besides storytelling, Umar is operating a podcast titled as Mashq Talks, where he is giving chance to the talented youth to showcase their hidden talents.

Umar was initially trained from the journalism department of Islamic University in Awantipora Kashmir, through a radio programme titled as “Pesh Kadam.”

He was just 14 years old that time and was ‘very aspiring’, following which he worked hard and managed to achieve the goals of his choice.

“I can’t thank enough Islamic University of Science and Technology, because that is the place from where my roots started to grow. The place is really close to my heart as it has made me what i am today,” Umar posted on his facebook account recently, adding that IUST will always be remembered in his good books.

He also thanked to his mentors like Shazia Yousuf and Monisa Qadri of IUST Journalism department through his post.


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