Danish far-right party leader burns Holy Quran under police protection in Sweden

Danish far-right party leader burns Holy Quran

STOCKHOLM : The Danish leader of the far-right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party burned a copy of the Holy Quran on Thursday in a heavily-populated Muslim area in Sweden, according to media reports.

Rasmus Paludan, accompanied by police, went to an open public space in southern Linkoping and placed the Muslim holy book down and burned it while ignoring protests from onlookers.


About 200 demonstrators gathered in the square to protest.

The group urged police not to allow the racist leader to carry out his action.

After the police ignored the calls, incidents broke out and the group closed the road to traffic, pelting stones at police.

Turkish-born politician Mikail Yuksel, who founded the Party of Different Colors in Sweden, said the Islamophobic provocations of the racist anti-Islamist politician under police protection continue in cities across Sweden.

Yuksel said Paludan particularly chooses neighborhoods that are heavily populated by Muslims and places near mosques for provocations.

“In Sweden, which defends human rights, freedom of religion and conscience with the highest pitch, the Qur’an is burned in the neighborhoods of Muslims under the protection of the police.”

He added that police also call for Muslims to exercise common sense as their holy books are being burned right before their eyes.— AA


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    • Answer to Anonymous April 16, yes… it is because of extreme hatred between the ethnicities which have inhabited Sweden for the last two millenia. Most immigrants prefer to live in the South, which has a Christian history and culture. By flooding Southern Sweden with muslims and atheists, the atheist nations in the North hope to get rid of us natives in the South. There are a number of other factors: Islam and Socialism go hand in hand, whereas Christianity and Centre-Right ideology match up, so it is a competition for voters between two political blocks, where immigrants get to vote after just 5 years, and immediately for the county. Then there’s the gender-balance issue, where it is almost only young men coming, tilting the dating market further towards feminism (it is naturally feminist due to the proximity to the North Pole).

      Rasmus Paludan has one parent from Scania, by the way, so he is half Scanian and a Swedish citizen. The Scanian national will has always been to not receive migrants from the Middle East and to appreciate Islam at a distance, rather than hating it at close range. Unfortunately it has been consistently violated. Anyway, if some missionary still should wish to go to Sweden, I would like to advise them to settle in the Northern 2/3rds of the country, where they will be more welcome. As a bonus they will have a much cheaper electricity price for the foreseeable future.


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